Saturday, 12 January 2013

Rock Album Covers and Women With Swords - Part whatever.

Since my numbering system is all to cock, let's not bother.
Moving right along,I haven't done one of these since before Christmas so without further ado, I give you another post filled with armed & underdressed young ladies and semi-snarky captions.

 Avalanch - Malefic Time Apocalypse (Spain 2011)

Some cover artists are justly famous - Derek Riggs, Storm Thorgerson, Pushead...
but is the first metal cover I've ever seen that's got the artist's name on it!
There may be a theme going on here as one of the previous albums
also features a young lady who needs more sunlight. 

Avalanch - Muerte y Vida (Spain 2007)

metal album cover woman with scythe
She really doesn't look happy does she?
I suppose juggling the jobs of Grim Reaper and new mother can't be fun. 

Deaf Dealer - Journey Into Fear (USA 1987)

Metal album cover woman fighting dragon
Fun fact; This lot were originally called Death Dealer but changed their name
 as they didn't want people thinking they were a Death Metal act.
Or taking them seriously, apparently.
I rather like this pic
I can just see her saying "Hold still while I stab you, you scaly twat." 

Here's what they sound like - Pretty good if you ask me.  

Hardraw - Hardraw (Single) (Cyprus 2011)

 A stripped down effort from this Mediterranean mob that suits their  NWOBHM vibe. 
Here's what they sound like.

 Skylark - The Princess's Day (Italy 2001)

Metal CD cover woman with bow
Our young heroine has managed to get herself totally lost. 
She's just heard something moving closer.
She wonders if it's edible. 
This particular princess is having a crappy day 
and one way or another, somebody is going to pay. 

And finally

Skylark - Divine gates Part III - The Last Gate(2007)

metal cd cover woman with sword
Compare and contrast with the cover above.
Less "underdressed glamour girl", more "Pissed off stabby woman"

That's it for now, folks.
See you next time.


  1. Good post. Yes, Amazonian women are always a source of fascination. Winder Woman was the most high-profile I think.

  2. Interesting, most of those were Luis Royo's work....

    1. I have to admit, I like Royo's work. Available evidence suggests a lot of Metal bands do too.
      There's a fair few album covers where the band have obviously flipped through one of his books and gone "OK. Put her on the CD."


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