Monday, 16 July 2018

Heavy Metal Cover Girls...On The Road

In case you're wondering what this is all about, on HMCG  I post covers from Metal/Rock albums. The basic idea is to show how different bands and different artists can visit roughly the same theme in different ways, depending on what mood they want to create.
 Or they just wanted something "Awesome and sexy. dude" on the cover of their album. Whatever.

While I've been doing this I've noticed a few interesting things. The first  is that if one band uses a theme, no matter how niche, so will others. That's why I've been able to do entire posts about Blindfolds, Mermaids, Women with Scythes and so on.  More on that in a minute.

 The other is that you can tell a fair bit about the band depending on what their cover girl is doing.  A woman in a ballgown weeping in a fountain just doesn't suit a hair metal band ...although a close up of a woman's thong-wearing butt is a different matter entirely.

  For today's post, the theme is "Girls waiting by the roadside." Or in the middle of the road. Or in close proximity to a road. "Roads" basically.
  It took a while but eventually I ended up with enough covers that used this theme to make a post happen.
What's really interesting is that you have some covers that are very close to each other in idea and execution but the artist still put a different spin on each one.

 I like to think that album covers are a snapshot from an ongoing story.  So what stories are being told here?

 King Company - One For The Road (Finland 2016)

 A country gal with a most alarming bra heading off to make her fortune in the big city. 
She packed so light, she didn't even take a shirt with her. 

Friday, 13 July 2018

The Girl In Blue

I found this rather lovely piece of wall art on Southsea's Osborne Road, decorating the front of the defunct casino. There's a haunting quality to it, I feel, which is in stark contrast to the surreal and playful artwork either side of it.

I hope it stays up for a long time.  I also hope the artist doesn't mind me sharing his work with the wide world.
  You can maybe get a sense of the scale here. 
This would make a perfect movie poster - some sort of dark thriller maybe? 

 As I swung through the Southsea town centre I spotted something else I found interesting.   

Somebody clearly thought this was important enough that they not only spray painted it on a  window but used contrasting colours.  
Now can somebody please tell me what the hell it's all about? 
Why is the onion not in London?
Where is the onion and why is it so important? 
The answer will remain a mystery forevermore. 

That's all folks

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