Sunday, 16 June 2019

Music from The Weird part Of Youtube: Noot Metal.

I think I've just discovered yet another subgenre of Metal. 

As proof that you can combine Heavy Metal with literally anything, somebody decided that what the world needed was a hellish combination of the most brutal music ever - Death Metal - and the most brutal cartoon ever. 

 I am of course talking about Pingu. 

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the Pingu's Of Death Metal and their single Nooting The Noot. 

Noot Noot folks. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

D-Day Display on Southsea Common.

D-day has been a big deal down in Portsmouth. We've had dignitaries, concerts and all sorts of things happening, not to mention a sudden explosion of Union Jacks everywhere.

So the weekend before last I read that there was going to be something on the Common and decided to go take a look.

 "Hmm". I thought. "Where is everybody? "

This bird didn't seem too bothered.

As I trudge home a solitary WW2 truck trundled past. 

 Yes, you guessed, I got the dates wrong. 
So a week later and with the weather suddenly deciding to crank up the wind-machine, I tried again.

This time I got to check out a small military vehicles display.
Mostly trucks and cars but with a few interesting items to be see.

Starting with this , which is was called a "Tower truck" for obvious reasons. 

I did try and avoid getting people in these pics so if you're here and don't want to be, please let me know. 

  Now an somebody please tell me what this thing was used for? 
Leyland Tower Truck

What really made me happy was this Valentine, a tank I've always had a soft spot for

As you can see from the canvas screens, this is the Duplex drive version which must be ultra-rare by now.  
  Personally I wouldn't want to be the driver on this thing because the idea of a floating tank is so bizarre that only a genius or complete loonie would come up with it. The first briefing must have been interesting.
"See this tank. We're going to make it swim and guess who's driving it?"
d-day Southsea
Note the lifebelt. A bit optimistic I feel. 


 I don't know what this is but damn, I feel lucky to get this close to one. 

Ooh look. A Duck. 
I wasn't sure whether I was allowed to climb aboard so played safe and didn't.

That's All Folks. 
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