Sunday, 25 June 2017

Film Review: Hunters of The Golden Cobra (1982)


Genre: Adventure/ "Raiders of the Lost Ark" coat-tail rider

1944 Somewhere vaguely defined in South East Asia 
 A mission to retrieve a certain item goes wrong and only the intervention of a young woman saves tough American agent Bob Jackson (David Warbeck) from death.

  A year later Bob is tracked down by his old partner David Franks (John Steiner - apparently channeling the spirit of Terry Thomas) with an offer. Go back into the jungle, retrieve said item (Hint: see the title of the movie) and earn lots of money.
  Admittedly there is a sect of Golden Cobra worshipping nutters to deal with, not to mention the hostile natives who almost killed him last time. There's also  a young woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to the jungle beauty (the delightful Almanta Suska pulling a double shift) and her not-remotely- trustworthy uncle (Luciano Pigozzi) complicating matters. Easy money, right?

  I should probably mention that there is no point where anybody wears a bikini in this film, golden or otherwise.  Despite this Hunters... is pretty decent for what it is: An Italian film hoping to cash in on the success of the Indiana Jones franchise without the budget, effects or star power.

  The director wisely keeps things moving along at a decent rate, with liberal sprinklings of action while  David Warbeck  makes a damn good fist of his open-shirted heroics, with Warbeck and John Steiner playing off each other rather well.
 The climax is maybe not as good as it could have been and the Golden Cobra stubbornly refuses to give any indication of the alleged supernatural powers. But on the whole I enjoyed this film.

Hunters Of The Golden Cobra is the sort of thing Sony Movie Channel might put on Saturday afternoon for some harmless adventure fun. Not great cinema but entertaining enough if you're in the mood.

Watch the whole film here:

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Getting Sheared For Summer

 I've been trying to grow my hair out recently. I'm not entirely sure why although some vague attempt to recapture the headbanging days of my twenties is probably lurking somewhere under the surface.

 (Sorry but headbanging with short hair makes you look like a numpty.  I speak truth and you know it.)

Then I ran into two significant problems.  

 The first is getting hair in my eyes - which sucked - and the constant flicking I had to do to keep it out.

When I realised I was pushing my hair out of my eyes every two minutes having long hair no longer seemed like such a good idea. 

 Besides which based on previous attempts  the end result would not have been this:

But was more likely to have been this: 

Except older, fatter and less photogenic. 

Problem number two is that the UK is currently in the middle of some very uncharacteristic weather.

To put it bluntly, it's way too hot and I am currently sweating my bollocks off.  

The last thing I need right now is a lovely mop of heat retaining thatch on my skull. Which itches

So last night I broke out my trusty clippers and ten minutes later my magnificent mane of hair ... was a puddle on my kitchen floor. 

Here's another shot. Banana for scale. 

That's me Captain Baldy for another two months then. Oh well. 

If I get sunburnt on my newly nude bonce I'm going to be ever so annoyed. 
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