Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Been reading: Kevin J. Anderson & Sarah A. Hoyt - Uncharted

  In 1759 the destruction of Halleys Comet caused magic to return and forever cut the New World off from Europe.   

 In 1805 the great American wizard Benjamin Franklin commissions an expedition to journey across the entire continent of North American and find a way to the Pacific. Lewis and Clark set off into the wilderness and quickly discover that wild animals and hostile tribes are not their biggest problem.  Something evil is growing across the heart of America and it has raised monsters and the living dead to wipe the expedition out.  Then a young woman named Sacagawea stumbles into their camp. Maybe she can help Lewis and Clark  survive the troubles ahead. 

    I was desperately short of reading material and recently paid so a quick trip up to Forbidden Planet Southampton was inevitable.  as it turned out, I actually bought more books on the way to Southampton and then back from Southampton than I did was up there.  In fact, I bought just the one book and it's the one shown up at the top of this page.

  The premise looked interesting plus the cover had a half-naked woman squaring up a sea-serpent and yes, I really am that shallow.  So was it worth the trip?

  Well, some books make me immediately want to go back and buy every other book in the series and honestly "Uncharted" isn't really one of those.  But I did enjoy this while I was reading it and if there's ever a sequel, I would be interested in picking that up too.

 It's an entertaining read with decent characters, enough action to keep things moving along some some ideas that work rather well.  A definite bonus is that "Uncharted" gets the whole story done in one medium sized volume.  In an era where most writers thing a trilogy is the absolute minimum, having a tale that can be devoured in one sitting is a joy.

To ask the question again: Was it worth the trip? I'd say yes. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

A Surfeit Of Dip

I currently have what can only be described as a First Word Problem.

I like Pizza. A lot.  I like getting the £5 Pizza meal deal from Tesco. I really like the two for one pizza deal from my local pizza place.   This is not the problem.

The problem is, every time I get the £5 meal deal I have to get a stack of dips with it (otherwise the deal doesn't work). Every time I get the takeaway pizza I get a dip with each one. Garlic and herb dip every time.

I don't like garlic and herb dip. I don't know what to do with the ever increasing pile of garlic and herb dips in my fridge besides throwing them away and I was always taught that wasting food was wrong.

.   Cuddly bunny for scale. 

Seriously, what the bloody hell do I do with all this bloody Garlic And Herb dip? 
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