Monday, 5 April 2021

Heavy Metal Cover Girls - Angels With Black Wings

 Hello and welcome to another entry in Heavy Metal Cover Girls; a series where I post a bunch of album covers with attractive women front and centre and try to come up with something intelligent about each one. Or just get snarky. Whatever.  

 Angels are a popular theme for Rock/Metal album covers as evidenced by the number of times I've posted them. Sometimes they are used as a symbol of purity and sometimes in their Old Testament role as God's legbreakers.  Interestingly male angels are more often the latter, as far as I can tell. I'm sure theres a discussion worth having but that's a job for somebody else. 

 Don't even get me started on that  "Biblically Accurate Angels" meme that popped up recently. Just going to NOPE right past that and pretend I didn't see anything. 

 What we will be talking about today is a particular subset of Angels: the ones with Black Wings who are very definitely not the warm, protective sort. As we shall see, these are Angels who are happy to walk on the dark side. 

Anthology - The Prophecy (Slovakia 2014)

 I wonder what the Prophecy actually is? 

Anthology - Angel's Revenge (Slovakia 2016)

I see now. The Prophecy was " An angel is going to lose her skirt, get mad and slaughter a whole bunch of dudes."

  Adrian Barilari - InfieRock (Argentina 2019)

 I think this is an Ex-Angel because I am pretty sure those are horns. 
Kinda cute though.  In a scary way. 


Black & Damned - Heavenly Creatures (Germany 2021)

 Angels have never understood the concept of "Excessive Force" which is why getting them to chase up parking tickets never goes well. 

Let's give the band a plug, shall we?

Another new album 

Boudreaux - Fallen Angel (USA 2021)

One of the less-threatening fallen angels I've ever posted. 
Not interested in setting cities aflame or harvesting souls - just wants to rock and roll all night and party every day. 

Only fair to give these guys a plug too. 

Chastain - The Reign of Kate (2019)

 Tries reading the awkward font.
Decides it can't possibly say "The Reign of KATE"
Turns out that is exactly what it says.
Meanwhile the cover is about an angel who has been summoned to do a bit of dancing. 
OK then. 

Find me - Dark Angel (Sweden 2015)

 Looking a bit serious here. Contemplating whether to get all fire & brimstone on a city, no doubt.

Helestios - Your Pain Tastes Good (UK 2020)

 Another awkward font. Cheers guys. 
I can't help noticing that she is getting groped by something with tentacles and apparently enjoying it.  Consider my eyebrow raised. 

Always happy to see new British metal so here's a quick plug.

Letzte Instanz - Schuldig (Germany 2008)

 This looks like the sort of comic I'd pick up because of the cover. Probably something about a fallen angel turned bounty hunter while fronting a Gothic band. 

Salem -Attrition (UK 2018)

 Judgement day, bitches. Get in line for your decapitations. 
No kidding, I love this cover. 

I just looked the band up and they are (some) of the same band that formed after the legendary Ethel The Frog split in 1980. 
Holy crap. I didn't know they'd reformed.

I have to post these guys!


Scarblade - The Cosmic Wrath (Sweden 2016)

 Another angelic badass.
 How badass is she? 
Her fucking hair is ON FIRE. 

Sündflut - Teufel, Engel & Dämonen (Germany 2017)

 How did I get here and where the bloody hell are all my clothes? 

That's All folks. 

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Judge Anderson Pinup

 Since I had my scanner out I thought I'd catch up with some stuff I've been meaning to digitise for a while. While i was doing that I happened to look up and saw the poster jsut above my computer desk. "You know what" I mused "I've been threatening to scan this for a while."

It took a bit of doing because the pster was just slightly larger than the scanner knew what to do with and I had a bitch of a job getting the various bits aligned; even then there's some definite glitches if you look closely enough.


Never mind. Here's the infamous  Judge Anderson topless pinup from one of the Summer Specials. 

 No, I don't know where her nipples went. 

  That's All Folks


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