Monday, 30 April 2012

All American Metal

  Today's batch of songs gathered from Youtube are all by bands that never made it onto MTV, never played arenas and  never married Hollywood actresses. Fans would almost certainly tell you that these are all plus points. Take a trip into the dark heart of American Heavy Metal.

Arsinal - Heavy Metal Mamma (1993)
Honour to: metallioum3

Black Diamond - Metal To Metal (1982)
Honour to: RockobscurE

Crescent Shield - Slave to The Metal Horde (2006)
Honour to: JuniorT

Dancyr  -Texas Metal Boys (1991)
Honour to:  metallioum3

Hellbender - Metal Desire (1986)
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes

Manilla Road - Heavy Metal To The World (1985)
 Honour to: Moongonebyeby

Painmuseum -American Metalhead (2005)
Honour to: MegaBrunokiller

Sneak Attack - Ultrasonic Metal (1984)
Honour to: ptola

Verbal Abuse - Metal Melissa the Pissa (1986)
Honour to: clintreeelapse

I honestly don't think I can top that last one so that's it for now. 
See you next time.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Been Reading: A.Bertram Chandler - The Wild Ones

  In his spacegoing career John Grimes has been a privateer, an officer of the Federation Survey Service and  a Planetary Governor and now, owner/operator of a starship. Over the years he has had a marked  tendency to get himself into awkward situations and  certain people have noticed that John's unfortunate knack of attracting trouble invariably leads to certain ongoing...problems... being solved. Messily, perhaps but solved nonetheless.  Hence John Grimes being offered a new, covert assignment for the Survey Service and the Aboriginal Protection Society.
 New Salem is an unpleasant world populated by charmless, humourless and joyless Puritans and their main export is the hides of "Silkies" -large aquatic mammals- and some unpleasant stories have been leaking out about exactly how the trade is conducted.
  Luckily John Grimes has some new members of his crew to help him out: an engineer known as Calamity Cassie, a pair of lethal young ladies called Shirl and Darleen who are genetically engineered from Kangaroos and a robomaid called Seiko who, thanks to happenstance and a bit of tinkering, seems to have developed a mind of her own.

Traditional bookshops have one big advantage over buying online. You can walk in through the door, see a book cover and think "That might be worth reading." and that's exactly what happened here. I found this one in a second hand shop and was sufficiently intrigued by the cover  to pick it up.
 Up until this point I'd never heard of the John Grimes series or A. Bertram Chandler and after a quick trawl on Wikipedia I was slightly amazed at how many books he seems to have written.
"The Wild Ones" (1985) is the last thing Chandler wrote before he died and belongs to a strain of spacefaring adventure that you don't seem to see much these days. I wouldn't say it's the best thing I've ever read but was sufficiently entertaining to keep me occupied for an afternoon. Chandler has a nice line in dry dialogue and everybody concerned is likeable - except the bad guys, which is pretty much as it should be for this sort of tale. 
 Grimes himself is an OK sort of hero but Shirl, Darleen and Seiko pretty much carry the book so far as I'm concerned and are, frankly, much more interesting. Shirl and Darleen may have a habit of concussing potential romantic rivals but the story hinges on their empathy with the Silkies and Seiko is even more important. 
 The ending is ...interesting and surprisingly poignant for a straight-up space yarn.
 I could have done without the interspecies orgy, though.
It makes sense in context.
Not a bad read at all and I think I'll keep an eye out for any more of this series. 
Particularly this one.

What can I say. I'm a sucker for a chainmail bikini.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Iron Eagles Rising - Heavy Metal From Italy

The Italian Metal scene is best known for producing Lacuna Coil and grandiose Power Metal loons Rhapsody.
 Neither of which ever wrote a "Metal...yay" song. 
But here's a few that did.
Alkoholizer - Thrash Metal (2009)
Honour to: Dickbauch73

Axevyper -Metal Tormentor (2012)
Honour to: AXEVYPER

Baphomet's Blood - Speed Metal Earthquake (2008)
Honour to: WorldsBlasphemy

Black Evil - Metal Fire (1987 Demo)
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes

Black Swan - Metal Roads (1987)
Honour to: NWOBHM87

Fingernails -Heavy Metal Forces (1988)
Honour to: vbonebreaker

Insane - Metal Torment (2005)
Honour to: uomorobot

Strana Officina - Metal Brigade(2007)
Honour to: xtheTASTEofSORROWx
Band website here:

That'll do to be getting on with, I think.
Hope you found something you liked and I'll see y'all next time.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Eurovision Metal Contest - Group 3

And here we go with the latest batch of hurriedly chosen tracks. I'm not going to claim that these are the finest exponents of their respective Metal scenes  but I think there's some stuff here that warrants further attention.
Виконт - С нами хеви-метал  
(Vikont - With Our Heavy Metal) (2011)
Honour to: vizigot037

Battalion - The Fight For Metal (2006)
Honour to: Christcrusher1

Arakain -  Žádnej metal (2002)
Honour to: wazzirr

Pentagram- Metal Not Dead (1990)
Honour to: clintreeelapse

Dark Forest - Fight For Metal (2009)
Honour to: RisingGranas

Seljacka Buna - Hevi Metal Je To (2010?)
Since the promo vid features two men battling with marrows
I suspect this lot are not entirely serious.
Honour to: SeljackaBunaBGD

And that wraps up this theme, for the moment at least.

For those of you who want to see the Duelling Marrows video, here it is.
Honour to: SeljackaBunaBGD

See you next time.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Eurovision Metal Contest - Group 2

For those of you who have just stumbled across this page by accident and are wondering what's going on, a quick explanation.
  I have undertaken a mighty quest to track down every single Heavy Metal song on Youtube that has the word "Metal" in the title. (Not counting instrumentals, live tracks and NSBM)
 Now that's out of the way, let's continue with our aimless wandering around Europe. Some tracks are recent some...aren't.

Serpent Saints - All Things Metal (2011)
Honour to: mrimpaler

Destroy Edgebone- Turbo Metal (2008)
Honour to: destroyedgebone

Ossian -  Metál-nemzedék(1988)
Honour to: KisTamas28

Battleroar - Metal From Hellas (2008)

Honour to: thrasherCy

Luzbel - Atrapado En El Metal (1986)
Honour to: mmmkingofkings

Zeno Morf - Metal Blast (2009)
Honour to: byronlawless

Picture - Heavy Metal Ears (1981)
Honour to: anastasisK1982gr

Lord Vader - Metal I Rdza (2002)
Honour to: underworldmetalblog

More of the same next time. You never know, I might even have managed to find an Albanian song that fits my criteria. I'll be annoyed if I haven't. Their flag is about as Metal as you can get.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

I had a bit of a redesign.

Hope y'all like it.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome to the Eurovision Metal Contest.

Sticking with the international theme, let's go round the continent and see what the EU has to offer.

Acid - Hooked On Metal (1981)
 Honour to: j2456h

Accept - Slaves To Metal (1993)
Honour to: Tukitoiakituki

Devil Across - Defenders Of The Metal (1986)
Honour to: rumblephist

Terasbetoni - Vaadimme Metallia (2006)
 Honour to: FullmoonW0lf

Two versions of the same song now.
                 Satans Jokers -Les Fils Du Metal (1983)
And the English version - Sons Of Metal
Honour to:  haroldortegon1

Blackwych - Metal mania (1986)
Honour to: ufobrn2

Cryonic Temple - Heavy Metal Never Dies (2002)

Call this Group One. I reckon I can get at least another post out of this idea.
More of the same next time.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Wide, Wide World of Metal

Following on from Sunday's theme, I thought I'd take a bit of time to demonstrate exactly how widespread Heavy Metal is.  So far as I can work out, there doesn't seem to be any Metal bands coming out of  Micronesia but aside from that, wherever you go in the world there's some sort of Metal scene. And that includes a few places where wearing a black t-shirt can get you thrown in jail.
 See for yourself. 

Antacid (Malaysia) - Metalstrike Hammer
 Honour to: wCwNeverDie

Deiphago (Philippines) - Satanic Metal
Honour to: 

Elm Street (Australia) - Barbed Wire Metal
Honour to: mrfelipedio

Hellish War - (Brazil)  Defender of Metal
Honour to: zatmetalhead

Hell Saviour (China) -Keep Running For Metal
Honour to: ltq19900310

Khaos (Honduras) - Jungla Metal
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes

Metal Lady (Hungary) - Motor Metal (1994)
Honour to: sevenallmaiden2

Nadimac  (Serbia) - Metal Je Rat
Honour to: Assassinsbullet94

Revenge (Colombia) - Metal is My Life

Scream Of Silence (Armenia)- Metal Fever (2009)
Honour to: SargisHovakimyan

Hope you found something to like here and if I haven't mentioned any bands from Russia, Korea, Mongolia, the Middle East and  Africa among others, it's only because I haven't found a song yet that fits the criteria I'm working to. Key word being "yet" 

See you next time.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Metal En Espanol - Hail to Hispanic Metal Warriors.

Quite early on I noticed that a lot of the bands I was posting came from Spain and the Latin American nations.  So by way of a tribute, here's a post dedicated entirely to Spanish-language bands. As you will see, some of them really deserve to be better known.

Adgar (Spain) El Dios Del Metal
Honour to: MasterKhellendros

Angelus (El Salvador) - Esto Es Heavy Metal
Honour to: cristodelmal

Bloke (Argentina) La Fuerza Del Metal (1984)
Honour to: aerogun18

Chronos (Chile)- Guerreros De Metal (2009)
Honour to: DeathThrasher69

Cobra (Colombia) - Ataque Metal (2010)
Honour to: cobrathrash 

Dragoner (Mex) - Dios Del Metal
Honour to: rusdragoner

O.M (Bolivia) - Estano Del Diablo Metal (1989)
Honour to: rumblephist

Ramses  (Mexico) - Larga Vida Al Metal
Honour to: ZeusBettaMX

Revolver (Colombia) - Disparando Heavy Metal
Honour to: mechardorevolver

Warcry (Spain) - Trono Del Metal
Honour to: martinusumaki

Interesting that so many Spanish speaking bands seem to gravitate to the 
fast but melodic corner of the envelope. 

Anyway, hope you found something to enjoy here and I will see you next time. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

More Metal For Your Entertainment.

 I think I shall abandon the alphabetical postings for now and just go back to picking stuff at random. Think of it as the "Ooh. Shiny Object" method of selection.

Vampyr - Breaking Metal - 1985
Honour to: wesseboyman

Abigail - High School Metal Bitch (Japan)
Honour to: DaRkPlAuGe09

Honour to: ThrashTillDeath73

 Altar Of Sin - Death Metal Inferno (Esp 2008)
Honour to: xcaligula666x

Hyborian Steel - Metal Barbarians (USA 2012)
Honour to: 666MrDoom

Fimbulwinter - Black Metal Storm (Nor 1994)
Honour to: xxxxcofxxxx

Pantera - Metal Magic
Very, very different from their later stuff.
Honour to: HereticMocculta

Baphomet's Blood -Speed Metal Warriors
Honour to: WorldsBlasphemy

Manchild - Heavy Metal Madman (USA 1984/5)
Demo track
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes 

Darkthrone - Hiking Metal Punks
Honour to: EternityInValhalla

And that's it for now, folks.
See you next time for more of the same.

Yet more Women's Wrestling pics.

Since I seem to be on a roll at the moment, here's some more wrestling photos
Most wrestling gimmicks are older than people think they are. Women were wrestling in travelling shows and theatres by at least the 1890s and probably earlier. 
A slightly later pic. The outfits look a lot like those worn in traditional Cumberland wrestling.
 According to the caption this is Dodo Avinski trying to pull Alice Grossman's arm out of the socket. I'm guessing 1940s/1950s and probably a nightclub.
1950s? No idea who either of these two are.
Rowdy rulebreaker Mars Bennett v Lily Bitters.  Having tied up Lily's feet in the ropes, Mars hoists her hapless opponent up into the air. And then lets go. 
Moving on to the 1970s, Susan Green is about to knock the unnamed brunette on her arse. 
And a decade or so later, Candi Devine is about to receive a haymaker from Evelyn Stevens and is clearly none too thrilled. 
And that's all folks. 
Hope you enjoyed this. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

The Art Of Women's Wrestling 2

Some more pics from here, there and everywhere. Give honour and praise to the respective artists.

       Some years back Marvel did a storyline where The Thing became a wrestler 
and  in the process, had a run-in with a group of superpowered women wrestlers. 
This is Battleaxe  trying to knock Titania's head off. 
(Not the Titania that keeps getting a kicking from She-Hulk, by the way.) 
       I think this is from a Mexican comic. Could be Spanish, I suppose.
Obviously there was going to be some Manga popping up here.
I'm guessing this was a cheap, exploitation paperback. Good luck finding a copy.
Another one from the Spanish speaking world. 
I have no idea where this one is from. American?
Another one from the Japanese.
And lastly, another American drawing that looks like it was based on a match from the 60s.

If anybody can identify the artists - or you spot your work on here and are not happy - get in touch.

Catch ya later.             

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Art Of Womens Wrestling.

Some more wrestling pics I've acquired over the years - mostly from the internet -
but this time the theme is "artwork"
If anybody knows where these are from I'd rather like to know about it.
Provenance unknown - It looks like something you'd see in Playboy or Mayfair, maybe.
Incidentally, I love the expression on the blonde's face.
Definite overtones of "Can you two stop mucking about so we can get on with the match?"
 A British take on the subject, almost certainly off a postcard.
Given how popular womens wrestling has always been in Japan it's no surprise that there's been a few wrestling manga about. No idea who this one is by, sadly.
 Another manga image. Artist unknown to me. 
And back to America for this final pic with a definite retro look.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

More Metal Videos - April 2012 Edition.

 Here's another selection of  songs about Metal.
This time they consist entirely of tracks where I couldn't find an audio clip, just a video. 
 Not saying the audio clip isn't on Youtube, just that I couldn't bloody find it.   
And unless the quality is halfway decent - or I really like the song- I'll not bother posting concert clips.

Japanische Kampfhorspiele - Verrat Am Metal
Honour to: Morphox

Unlastiath - Satanic Black Metal

This is actually an AMV but seems to be only Youtube version of this song that isn't live.
Untimely Demise - Full Speed Metal
Honour to: sensinarie
(If you're interested, the Anime is called One Piece )

Valhalla - Guardians Of Metal (Spain - 2000)

Honour to: extremo8008

Having cleared out my "Watch Later" list somewhat, normal service is resumed for next time.
Catch Ya Later

Friday, 6 April 2012

Been watching: Thundercats.

         The new Thundercats cast. Thankfully Snarf can't talk this time around.

  Prince Lion-O, heir to the throne of the mighty Thundercat kingdom, is something of a disappointment to his father. He's clearly not the warrior his adopted brother Tygra is, has an unhealthy fascination with the lost art of "technology" and seems unduly sympathetic to the plight of the Lizards, bitter enemies of the 'Cats.
 Then one terrible night the kingdom falls. Attacked by traitors from within and Lizards wielding terrifying new weapons,  led by an ancient nightmare reborn, the Thundercats are broken and their warrior king slain. 
 Having been told for years that he's not worthy of the job, Lion-O finds himself King and the last hope for his people. Acquiring a motley collection of followers - a brother who dislikes him, a pair of street urchins, a grumpy former general and a warrior-woman who's the last of her order - the young King sets out in search of the legendary Book Of Omens

I have to confess that I never got into the original Thundercats. Oh I watched it a few times, same as I did with He-Man and She-Ra but even then I thought it was a bit cheesy.
  Cheetara was cool though.
 That probably explains why, when I heard that there was an anime-influenced remake I didn't start foaming at the mouth. I also didn't start moaning that the new Cheetara was too skinny. 
  Apparently looking like this causes girls to have image issues  or some such bollocks.
I digress. 
 I've been following the new series as and when new episodes pop up on  Youtube etc and thus far I am impressed. If you want a short description try: Original Thundercats + Avatar: The Last Airbender = Thundercats 2011.
 The animation is done by the same people that did "Steamboy" and is rather pretty to look at. Like "Airbender" it manages to meld the American and Japanese styles and combine the best bits of each.
 Sticking with the similarities to Avatar, Lion-O and his crew have so far been traipsing across the world in search of the Book of Omens and in the process learning more about their world, their skills  and each other. Naturally they have a persistent bad guy on their tail but since he looks like a six foot fanged newt  I can't see the fangirls getting excited about him.
 Another Cheetara pic. Just because.
 One of the major differences in the new series is Lion-O who is now an inexperienced teenager prone to hotheadedness. Luckily when he's not being a dick he's actually rather likeable and in fact all the Thundercats are people it's easy to root for, despite their occasional failings. (Even the two kids and normally I hate cute "mascot" characters with a fiery passion. ) 
 By now you've probably guessed that I'm a big fan of Cheetara. Fanservice aside, the speedster can usually be relied upon to give useful advice and just generally be a big asset to a young king who's not entirely sure he's up to the job.
  So however you felt about the original series, the reboot manages to add extra layers of depth while still being entertaining. A worthy heir to the name, in my opinion.
 Check out the trailer here:

And one more for luck.
Cartoon characters never  had cleavage when I were a lad, I can tell thee.
I have no problem with this.

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