Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Art Of Women's Wrestling: Some more pics for you.

I've had a few wrestling pics loitering about my "Pics for Blog" folder for a while so I thought I'd put them up. Hope you like them.

Starting with one of the first comics to feature women wrestlers.
KAYO kirby Fight Comics wrestling
(Fight Comics, USA - somewhere in the 1940s)
Which I found here: Digital Comic Museum

UK artist Beryl Cook was always known for her large, exuberant ladies.
Here's two of them in the ring.
Beryl Cook wrestling
I'm guessing Klondyke Kate was the template for these.

Some manga next, starting with a bloody cage match.

female wrestling cage match Wannabes
Quite possibly inspired by the "Wannabes" OVA
Clips Here and  Here if you're interested.
Warning - on the brutal side
If anybody knows where this next pic is from I'd appreciate a heads-up.
I think I found it on a Yahoo group. 
manga women wrestling
 I suspect the blonde was not getting up from this. 

The next two are - I think - from the same manga which 
I used to own but seems to have gone AWOL.
Again, anybody who knows what it's called, get in touch.

I vaguely remember picking this up in  the late 1990s

girls wrestling manga
Somebody once described Joshi Puroresu to me as
"You get the cute ones and the monsters.
And the monsters terrorize the cute ones"
I think this pic sums that up quite nicely.

This is from one of the ads you always used to 
get in the back of  wrestling mags.
women wrestling art
Note the blatant jiggling.

And finally, a pic from Love and Rockets again.
Rena Titanon celebrates after defeating arch-rival Tia Vicki

womens wrestling comics Love and Rockets
Note authentic 1970s horrible hairdo. It's like a lacquered crash helmet.


  1. Great style of work, totally love it and love to watch this in artwork, Everyone loves a good girl fight. Watch original girl catfights on


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