Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Metal Project Video Edition: We Sold Our Souls To Metal

As promised yesterday, here's the second batch of promo vids glorying in all that is Metal and stuff. 
It's a bit of a mixed bag but then again, Metal is one big, big mixed bag of the weird and wonderful. 


Soulfly - We Sold Our Souls To Metal (Brazil 2015)

Edge Of Thorns (Feat. Ralf Scheepers) - Metal Unity (Germany 2014)

Appropriately enough, this video owes a lot to the notorious Heavy Metal adult comic.

Honour to: theduke1able

Hellhound - Mr. Heavy Metal (Japan 2011)

Honour to: Helhound Official

How does the guy with the huge spikes on his wrist not do himself a mischief ?

Atomic Genocide - Por el Metal (Chile 2013)

Thrash, of course. Something the Spanish language is eminently suited for. 

Honour to: Rodolfo Abud

John No Arms - This Guy Is A Black Metal Maniac (Brazil 2015)

Tongues firmly in corpsepainted cheeks, i suspect.

Honour to: reverendo rock

That's all folks.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Metal Project Video Edition: Test Your Metal

 Good (evening/morning/afternoon/delete as appropriate) whoever and wherever you may be. Welcome to another dose of The Metal Project.  
 Normally I prefer to post audio files but for this latest batch I'm going to put up the promo vids instead.

Mainly because that's all I could find.

I hope you find something cool to headbang to. Enjoy.

First down the runway is one of several female-fronted outfits carrying the flag for Proper Heavy Metal

Unleash The Archers - Test Your Metal (USA 2015)

Honour to: Napalm Records

Hammercult - Metal Rule Tonight (Israel 2014)

Honour to: Blank TV

Anybody up for some Heavy Metal Poledancing? 

Suicidal Ride - Metal Ho! (Finland 2015)

Honour to: Blank TV

South Americans love their frantic Thrash.
This lot are very 1980s so if you like Reagan-era Thrash, you're laughing.

Blizzard Hunter - Heavy Metal To The Vein (Peru 2015)

Honour to: BlizzardHunterOfficial

And now for a low-fi video from Russia.
Interesting lyrics - talking about the impact Metal  had on his life.
That's a pretty big deal when the local cops crack heads to say "Hello"

Nik Ko - Heavy Metal (Russia 2015)

Honour to: Nik Ko

More of the same tomorrow.

That's all folks. 

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Women Wrestling: Misty Blue v Kat LeRoux

How about some more wrestling scans?  

The following are from a 1992 edition of Wrestling Eye (Is that magazine still around?) and show a match between Misty Blue Simmes and Kat Leroux.  It's weird but every time Misty Blue showed up in a wrestling magazine back then she was inevitably fighting Kat Leroux or Linda Dallas.  And people say TNA's Knockouts roster lacks depth.

Anyway, I apologise for the quality but these were sitting in a cardboard box for the last two decades. Some wear and tear is inevitable. 

1990s women wrestling
That knee on Kat's face can't be fun either.

women wrestling picture
Is it just me that really wants the onepiece to make a comeback in wrestling?

Ooh. that's gotta hurt!
Remember that Misty is supposed to be the Good Girl here.  

Misty Blue wrestling
A hold that always seemed to involve more effort than it was worth. 
"Here. let me bend your leg into a position that's mildly uncomfortable while putting my face at just the right height for you to kick it"

misty Blue Simmes wrestling

"You spin me right round, baby, right round"

Truth, Justice and Blondeness wins again!

That's all folks. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The Wrestler 1993

  I thought it was about time I shared some more wrestling scans with you lovely people, except this time you're getting some British stars.

 I picked this particular magazine up at an All Star Promotions wrestling show in Hanley in 1993.

After wrestling was unceremoniously dumped from British TV in 1988 the old-style British promotions went into something of  decline. Some tried to pretend everything was as it had always been. Others resorted to tacky gimmicks like the Restling Power Ranger (yes, really) or blatant knockoffs of The Undertaker and The Bushwhackers.
  Eventually new British promotions appeared with something fast-paced and dyanmic, gradually building themselves up to the point where wrestling in the UK is now healthier than it has been in years.
They might not be able to fill the NEC like WWE or TNA but give it time ( I hope)

That was all to come. Back on that a particular Spring evening, the classic World of Sport style was still in effect - albeit more violent than the TV cameras ever allowed. I don't remember all the matches but I do remember Dave Finlay (pre WWE) battering Danny Boy Collins with a chair.  I also got to see the late, lamented Princess Paula  leaving local girl Klondyke Kate slumped in an unconscious heap.

So a good, family night out then.

Thanks for sitting through my ramblings. Now here's some pictures.

British Wrestling Magazine Dafe Taylor, Dave Finlay, Mongolian Mauler

 Top: Dave Taylor presses Dave "Fit" Finlay  
Bottom right: The Mongolian Mauler lives up to his name.
I never did understand that weird hair antenna.
Bottom left:  Your guess is as good as mine. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Bright Eyes.

  As I was idly flipping through my album cover folder, seeking inspiration, I realised that in among the uusal collection of warriors, witches, sirens and bad girls I kept seeing artwork that focused on one specific body part.

No. Not the ones you're thinking of.

Not that one either. 

The answer, my friends, is all in the eyes. 

  There's a lot of mythology associated with the eyes. (The windows to the soul, Hypnotic, Bewitching. etc. ) and in any picture of another person your gaze will inevitably be drawn to them. 
With certain people it might take a bit longer, obviously.  

The point being, with these covers, a simple shot can have a powerful effect. The observer is in turn observed. I hope she likes what she sees.

As is traditional, we shall start with the album cover that inspired this post. 

Madness Of The Night - The Asgarda (Sweden 2014)
 album cover eyes

 It's a bit like that old bumper sticker "If you can see this, you're too close." 

The band are a female fronted crew and very, very Gothic. 


Liv Moon - Golden Moon (Japan 2011)

album art liv moon eyes
 Symphonic Metal Diva Liv Moon gets all enigmatic 

There's a version of this cover where you get to see more of her, in both senses of the word. 
See thumbnail for details.

Icon - Right Between The Eyes (USA 1989)

album cover woman with bullet
Now I look at this in close up I notice that the artist just couldn't resist throwing in some boobs as a bonus.

Otep - The Ascension (USA 2007)

There's something haunting about this - or this just me?

The music is angrier than the stuff I normally post in HMCG

Darkyra - Dragon Tears (Australia 2015)

Now by this point I'm hoping you see what I meant about the woman on the cover watching you back.
See if the eyes follow you round the room. Go on try it.
It's an unnerving effect isn't it?

The band is built around singer/songwriter Darkyra Black.
Isn't that a marvellous name for a Gothic Metal singer?

I quite like the way the drummer is powering this one along.

Fallen Silver - Blood In Blue Eyes (Austrlia 2009)

rock album art woman weeping blood
Personally I would kill to have eyes that shade of blue.

The music is, rather surprisingly, rough edged Aussie Pub Rock

Max Pie - Initial Process (Belgium 2011)

Between the vivid blue iris, pale skin and bright red lips you get something that catches the eye,although you can't help feeling that you're looking at the aftermath of a nasty clockmaking accident.
Now go back and take a closer look at her iris. Subtle, but I like it.

In another musical surprise these Belgians are pounding Prog/Power Metal

Shannon - Angel In Disguise. (France 2008)

Interesting how many albums opt for only 50% of the face.
I suppose it means you can show all the cool stuff in the background.

For some reason I thought this lot had a woman singer but I was proven wrong almost immediately.
Euro-Melodic Rock

The next two continue the half-a-face theme. but do different things with it.

Killinger - S/T (Canda 2011)

 Isn't it amazing how adding one little prop makes you look at this young lady in a totally different light?
I may be imagining the look of quiet satisfaction

Musically Killinger are one of those bands that pretend the 1990s never happened
Since I spent the entire decade wondering why music wasn't fun anymore, I think we'll get on just fine.

Wizardmask - Песнь воина (Russia 2014)

Песнь воина translates as "Warrior Song" so I'm assuming  under that gold there's some nice solid steel.

Wizardmask describe themselves as "Dramatic Metal."
See what you think.

That's all folks.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dusting off something I did years ago.

  I was digging through a seldom visited folder on my hard-drive when I stumbled across something I forgot I still had.
 About ten years ago I was watching a lot more anime than I do these days and I did what an awful lot of anime fans do - I decided to make my own AMV.

(Anime Music Video, for those who don't know)

 The end results can best be described as rough around the edges but in my defence I was using the standard technique at the time - copying bits from one VCR to another by frantically mashing "play" and "record" at roughly the same time. You had to get the bit you wanted running on VCR A and hit record on VCR B at just the right moment, allowing for the fact that record had a bit of a lag so you really needed to start recording just before the bit you wanted in the hope that it would sort itself out.
 You also needed to make sure the tape you had in VCR B was at just the right spot because otherwise you either recorded over a bit you needed or there was a glaring gap in between scenes.

So I spent many evenings on my knees. fingers poised over two wired-together VCRs trying to create something as cool as the ones I had watched at Minamicon.
Don't even get me started on how I put the bloody music on the end product.  More "Play - Record - Swear because you cocked up again" funtime playtime.

These days aspiring music vid makers can use all sots of wonderful computer gizmos.  They also don't have to work from 2nd generation bootleg videos that were starting to wear out.

Drat. I'm making excuses, aren't I?  

Anyway, I managed to complete three actual videos, each one slightly better than the last. Showed them to family and friends then promptly forgot about them until now.

This is my third and final effort. I kept meaning to do another one but never got round to it. Maybe one day...

 Ladies and gentlemen, this is the ( belated) worldwide premiere of something I am still sorta proud of. Hope you like it.

 That's all folks.. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

DVD Review: Heavenly Sword (2014)

 Once upon a time, in an unspecified sort-of Eastern land, a vicious warlord was rampaging across the ountryside bent on conquest. He was only defeated when a shining warrior descended from Heaven to cut his head off.  Mission accomplished, said warrior sloped off home but left his sword behind. The sword, a weapon of great power and frankly bizarre design, became the focus of much attention and the cause of much bloodshed with people willing to overlook the way the sword quickly made the user A) mad then B) dead.

   Eventually the Heavenly Sword fell into the hands of a certain warrior clan who decided to put it somewhere safe. There was a prophecy, you see. The Guardian of the Heavenly Sword would have a child in a certain year - The Chosen One -  who would wield the sword against evil. 

  Much to everybody's horror, the child turned out to be a girl and the Guardian of the Sword would subsequently make sure his daughter knew exactly how disappointed he was in her failure to have testicles.

He's kind of a dick like that. 

  Fast forward to the present day and flame-haired protagonist  Nariko is once again getting treated like crap by all her nearest and dearest when the clan stronghold is attacked by flying Ninjas.   Luckily for the good guys, the ninjas are great against people with their backs turned and unarmed civvies but completely bloody useless against anybody armed and paying attention. 

 However, while everybody is feeling pleased with themselves, an entire frigging army sneaks up on the fortess. Cavalry, artillery, weird-ass mutants, the whole deal. 

  You'd think self-appointed Guardians would be better at keeping a lookout.  

  I digress. Since Nariko's ninja-killing technique actually impressed her daddy for a change, she's handed the Heavenly Sword and told to do a runner. "Don't let King Bohan get hold of this. Now leg it."

  With the fortress fallen and her whole clan having been stomped flat, Nariko and her perky, possibly psycho, little sidekick must and find the real Chosen One before Bohan can do whatever wickedness he has planned. 

 Films based on video games have a rep for being more "Miss" than Hit. CGI films based on videos games even more so. 
 However, the cover features a redhead swinging a sword so short, vicious internal struggle left the part of me that has taste getting a right shoeing from the part of me that has a disturbing thing for lethal redheads. 

So what did I think?   

Well, how much you enjoy "Heavenly Sword" depends entirely on how willing you are to sit through game cutscenes. If you like cutscenes then you are in for a treat because this film does come across as three discs worth of cutscenes edited together. 

 The landscapes are pretty good, the costumes are spectacular, if impractical, and when the battles happen, the animation is fluid and not bad at all. By game standards, anyway.
  Things aren't so good when the characters are chatting to each other. The flat facial expressions and slightly stiff movements are jarring. Unfortunately the voice acting is equally stiff with only the late Alfred Molina putting in much effort. 

Back on  the plus side, the violence is quite respectable, Nariko finds herself fighting some inventive opponents, and the film does make sense even if you've never played the game. (Compare and contrast with FFVII Advent Children - looked great but what the hell that was all about I never did know.) 
 This was not enough to get me past the bad case of Uncanny Valley Effect I was experiencing, sadly.      
All in all, I thought it was on the low side of OK. You might like it more - or less - depending on how much you wanted to see "Heavenly Sword" the game turned into "Heavenly Sword" the movie. 
Approach with caution.  

Trailer provided below for your perusal. 

That's all folks. 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Youtube are pissing me off again.

For some reason a lot of my embedded videos are coming up as "Not loaded"  I have no idea why it's doing this or how to make it stop, so I have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to go back and manually reload a metric fuckton of posted songs.

I'm not looking forward to this.

I'm really not looking forward to this.

In the meantime, here's a RPG-influenced metalheads Lords of the Trident and their latest music video. Enjoy.

That's all folks. 

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Story: Ten Paces Further

This is a story I've been working on for a while. Hope you like it.

 Ten Paces Further

“Will you stand with us?”

 A steady stream of humanity had been trudging through the narrow mountain pass all day and to each and every cluster of travellers the captain had spoken the same words.
“Will you stand with us?“
His throat was sore, his voice hoarse, but he kept at it. More men were needed for the task ahead and a raw throat was small price to pay.
  Ten days ago the Kharisid army had poured over the border.  Three days ago they had smashed the army of the Western Earls. Tomorrow they would march down this road , a spear of death and fire aimed straight at the ancient capital of the Drogar.  And he did not have enough men.
  There had been men a-plenty come through here. Some were warriors, headed to join the King’s muster, others were farmers taking their families to shelter  behind the mountains.  Too few had chosen to stay and join his haphazard warband.
   He contemplated his newly recruited army . Right now soldiers and civilians alike had put aside their weapons and were working on the ancient walls that had once protected this narrow slot between the cliffs. Hoping to undo the neglect of centuries with an afternoon of sweat and scraped  hands.
 A wall would help a little.  Another two hundred armed men in mail would be better but a man took what the gods gave him and made what he could.

Another small cluster of travellers drew near. The captain studied them for a moment. Mostly women and children riding on carts or mules.  A few boys. Behind them marched a giant of a man in the leather of a blacksmith.  
 Hope flared briefly to life, then snuffed into smoke as the blacksmith  came closer and the captain could see the  grey in the man’s beard and the way his flesh hung slackly about his bones.  
 “If you were only 15 years younger, big man” the captain muttered.  
  He thought for a moment of the last group of travellers who had passed by. A lord and his retinue, every man astride a tall gelding with polished mail from his neck to his knees and a fine sword on his hip.  
  They  had all galloped by with their eyes fixed firmly forward but the captain knew fighting men. 
Shame and anger had been written across every  man’s face except the fat  nobleman in silks at their head.
 Sometimes the hardest thing about being a soldier was knowing  your  oaths were sworn to men who did not deserve them. 

“Do you honestly believe you can hold them back?” said a quiet voice, cutting through his reverie. 
The captain blinked twice and then turned to look at the woman who had ridden up beside him as he stood woolgathering.  
  A chieftain’s wife, he guessed immediately. She had years on her face and the stamp of authority about her, even weary as she was.  
And a sadness, forced back but visible to one who knew the signs. 
  No, he realised suddenly . Not a chieftain’s wife.  A chieftain’s widow.  
   Her man and his warband would have marched with the Western Earls. Most likely the wolves and the crows were ripping at their cold flesh right now.  
Most likely Kharisid scouts were setting light to her abandoned home as they spoke.

 “Hold them? No” said the captain calmly. “Slow them, maybe.”
The chieftain’s lady looked back at the bedraggled cluster of  refugees coming through the gap in the wall. 
She sighed “You’ll not slow them by much. I have men here who saw their army  as we fled. Thousands of men and horses there were, coming over the hills like a dark tide.” 
“I know. So does every man here.”
The woman on the horse looked down at him, her face a stony mask. “So why are you here?”
“We’ll hold this pass as long as we can. And every moment we hold the Kharisids before the wall, your people - and all the others coming through the pass - get ten paces further away. Ten paces towards the King’s City and safety.  We’ll make a stand here and buy you all a little time.”
 The chieftain’s wife was a strong woman and proud. Even so, he saw the glint of tears at her eyes before an angry flick of the head pushed them away. 
“I have no men to give you and no weapons. But there’s ale in one of the carts and good cheese.  I’ll tell my retainers to give you some of each.  And the gods be with you, you poor, brave boys.”
 And then she was cantering back to what was left of her household, barking our orders sharp as any Kings officer he’d ever met.
“The gods be with you too, my lady.” whispered the captain.

 When he turned back towards his men there was a boy standing before him. 

 If he’d seen his fifteenth summer then the captain would cast away his sword and take up a blind man’s cane, and while the gods  might have given the lad a man’s height, they had yet to  bestow upon  the youngster  any muscle to his arms or chest. From his clothes - good linen  and woollens-  he was most likely  a merchant’s son.  The sons of merchants rarely made good soldiers.   
 There was a spear in his hand, true, and a well-worn scramasax at his belt but whatever martial airs he thought to gain, it was painfully obvious that he’s used neither overmuch. 
 “I am Kelig.” said the boy with fierce pride, knuckles white upon the shaft of his spear.  “I will stand with you.” 
 The captain looked Kelig up and down slowly and closed his eyes. A man uses what the gods send him. he thought. But sometimes you have to wonder if the gods make sport with us. 
“That you will not.” he rasped with the shreds of his sore, croaky voice. “I need men and swords, not boys playing at the hero.”
 The boy with the borrowed spear turned his head towards the men labouring on the wall. His mouth twitched upwards sardonically “Seems to me that you’re in no position to be choosy.”

“And it seems to me that you’re smart enough to know this is no heroic saga, boy.”  the captain snapped. 
“We stand, we fight, we most likely die and afterwards nobody will remember our damn names.”

All of a sudden the long day and the long night caught up with him and the captain felt so, so tired. 

“Go with your folks Kelig. They need you more than I do.” 

Kelig turned away to watch  the rest of the caravan trundle away. The people he’d know all his life crawling slowly into the distance. In a few moments the only sign that they’d even been there would  be the small pile of provisions that had been slung hurriedly into the road. 

And him.

Nobody was looking back. Nobody saw him staring after the pretty girl in the blue dress on the second to last waggon., sat stiff as a statue with her head high  and her shawl clutched about her shoulders. 
Nobody saw his face fall in sudden pain before stiffening again with teenage resolve.

“My presence is not required.” he said quietly. 

The captain nodded in gentle sympathy.  Sometimes a good officer knew when to say nothing.  

He could guess the story. A grieving girl, her father and brothers gone away to fight and never returned.  A young boy left behind and an easy target for anger.  Harsh words had been said. “Coward.” would have been one of them.

“It is the curse of men that we would rather face a hundred sharp swords than one sharp tongue. Rather charge into the spears than listen to the whispers as we pass by. ”  an old soldier had told him once,  as they had both tried to drink themselves  free from the memories of battle. 

“Put your spear down, Kelig, and help me build a wall.” he said at last. “You do know how to lay stone, don’t you?”

Kelig grinned suddenly. “How long have I got to learn?”

“An afternoon, maybe.”

“Maybe the gods will look down on us and the  Kharisids will go home.”

“ And maybe a golden stag will trot up and shit a pile of rubies at your feet. We take what the gods give us and we do what we can, boy.  We do what we can.”

  I am told that when the boy’s mother finally noticed  that he was missing , it took four strong men to stop her from running back  to him. 

 I am also told that  the girl in the blue dress arrived at the King’s Gates sporting a magnificent black eye that she refused to talk about. 

The wall held the Kharisids for less than a day.  

The captain and his men fought as best  as they could but a few hundred  farmers and armsmen behind a crumbling wall were never going to keep back an entire host of battle-hardened warriors.

 The Kharisid king finally lost patience and hurled men at the fools in his way. Too many men. They broke over the wall like a storm tide, under a rain of arrows and the Drogar fell.

Some fell at the wall. Some fell as they ran. The survivors made their last stand with their backs to the cliff, clutching their spears in tired hands, snarling at the Kharisids with their final breath.  
  With a wave of his hand the Kharisid king ordered his men forward and the tiny knot of defenders vanished under a thousand  Kharisid blades.   

Before the blood was cool, the Kharisid cavalry was spurring down the pass, hunting for stragglers.

But by then the girl in the blue dress, the heartbroken mother and the chieftain’s widow were all safe inside the  walls of the King’s City, watching armsmen marching in to join the Royal muster. 

After the invaders had been  defeated in a bloody battle under the walls of the city  and their King had fled with what was left of his host,  the Drogar army marched back through the pass in pursuit. 
 They passed the old, ruined wall and the bodies that still lay unburied where the King was heard to ask “Who were these men?” 
“We do not know.” he was told.  “We do not know who they were or who led them.”
“Bury them well.” the KIng ordered. “We can give them that much.”

A few days later a column of refugees  came past on their way back home, and they stopped for a moment at the cairn that had been raised from the broken stones of the wall.

A mother wept for a son lost.  
A girl wept for a boy misjudged. 
And a chieftains widow poured an offering of good ale into the soil in thanks to a nameless captain.

Who had held the Kharisid army back for just long enough. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Cheapo DVD Review: Mythica - A Quest For Heroes (2015)

Fantasy woman with sword

Before I get into what I thought of this DVD, let's start by answering the obvious questions.

1. Does the DVD cover bear any resemblance to the contents?

Not really. Heroine Marek never picks up a sword, her outfit is less low-cut than it is here, there's no dragon whatsoever and I have no idea who those two guys behind her are.
It turns out there's a reason for that - more later.

2. Does the DVD blurb bear any resemblance to the actual story.  

" Mythica follows the enchnting adventures of Marek, a wizard born with the dark powers of necromancy trapped in a life of eternal servitude. with the help of beautiful priestess Teela, Marek escapes her master and assembl;es a team of adventurers to embark on am epic quest to rescue Teela's sister from a vicious Ogre  
 Marek's powers are put to the test as she learns to harness the magic that threatens to corrupt her. Featuring a formidable heroine, a band of brutish brothers, and a startling fantasy world, Mythica depicts the spellbinding tale of Marek's fight for freedom" 

So I am confident that whoever wrote the blurb has seen this particular movie. Most of it anyway.  There's a few things I can quibble with -
Marek isn't a wizard trapped in servitude - She's a slave girl with some magical powers.
Teela doesn't help her escape, she manages that on her own.
"Brutish Brothers" Where? I never saw any.

3. Are there any crap CGI monsters in it? 

There's a  CGI Ogre but that's done fairly well for a low-budget Fantasy.  

4. Any women in chain-mail bikinis?


5. Any busty wenches.

Not that I could see. Can I get on and do the review now?

6. What about sorceress in those slinky, low cut dresses? Any of those?Or sexy elves.

Shut up and go away.

7. Hey, you know that scene in "Your Highness" where Natalie Portman strips...

Right! That's it! You're only a figment of my imagination which means I can do this

8. What are you doing ..Why is... . Argh! Polar Bears are eating my face!

Now let's get on with this bloody review, shall we? 

  Mythica treads ground that will seem very familiar to any fans of tabletop RPGs In fact, if you've ever read any of those "Forgotten Realms"  books then you may find yourself wondering if this whole film was based on somebody's campaign. 
 After getting unceremoniously chucked out of an adventurers tavern, Marek gathers her own team of misfits - a Cleric/Priestess, a Warrior and a Thief, with herself being the all-important Magic User. 
(You know. I was half expecting an Elf or a Kender to show up for the fun.)

The team set off in search of Teela's sister, MIA after an Orc attack on her temple, bicker a bit, bond a bit, fight some beasties and finally wind up in a showdown with a big, bad Ogre. All very Dungeons and Dragons, in fact. 

Here lies one of the major gripes I have with this movie. Without wanting to go into potential spoilers, if this was a book the cover would have something like "Part 1 of the Marek Trilogy" on it to warn you that "Mythic" is the opening act in a series, rather than a stand alone adventure. 

So a number of plot threads are introduced and then skipped over, which is a bit maddening. Where does Marek get her magical powers from?  Why were the Orcs raiding that particular temple anyway and what's the artefact that Teela and her sister think is so important?  Answer came there none.

The reason why may be found in something I stumbled across while looking up details.

As it turns out, "Mythica: A Quest for Heroes"  is indeed Part One. Part Two "The Darkspore" premiered recently.
 It also explains the DVD cover. Whoever slapped it together used a promo shot from Movie 2.  Which isn't confusing at all, is it? 
So far I've spent a lot of time picking holes but actually you know what?

"Mythica" isn't bad. 

 Yes, it's low-budget and a bit cliched but the acting is pretty decent, the direction and whatnot was more than competent, the characters are people I could root for and I found myself wanting to see Mythica 2 just to see where Marek and her gang end up next.
   In the short time I was following the team I felt like I'd got to know them and I liked what I was seeing.

How much did I pay for this: £5
Was it worth it: I quite liked "Mythica" aforementioned gripes notwithstanding but it may be better to wait until some kind of two-pack deal comes out. That way you can get the whole story in one session. 
 If you like low-budget fantasy that isn't too cheesy, you might like this. 

This was produced by ArrowStorm entertainment  and looking at their website, I  can see that they've done several low-budget fantasies that I rather enjoyed. (Orc Wars, Shadow Cabal & The Crown And The Dragon) so  I'll have to keep an eye out for their logo in future.

Here's the trailer. 

Yes, that is Kevin Sorbo. He isn't in it for very long.

That's all folks. 
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