Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blatant Plug: Starship Gypsies.

 Fellow Blogger dalecooper57 has an exciting new project.  I think I'll let Dale explain it himself:

" Starship Gypsies is the brainchild of Jerry from jdawgswords and dalecooper57 from Diary Of An Internet Nobody and is intended to be an open-ended fiction project, hopefully featuring multiple writers, artists and anyone else we can convince to cruise the blogosphere with us.

So if you’re a writer, an artist, a graphics designer or just a sci-fi nerd looking for like-minded folks to share your ideas with and you think you may have something to contribute, let us know and join the crew."

The story sees the elderly freighter Alice Marie and her motley crew on her way to a small colony when a slight mishap occurs...

 It looks pretty good so far and remember, the idea is to get other people involved in the creative process.  

Check out the start of the adventure at:

and if you want to get involved then email the team at:

That's all folks. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Comic Review: Welten Des Schreckens #4

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I Build Spitfires.

Today saw something of a historic event. To commemorate the Battle Of Britain 40 Spitfires and Hurricanes flew over the South of England. A glorious sight.
 Well, I'm assuming so, because I managed to miss it.


So, in partial tribute, I thought I'd share some more of my hamfisted modelling attempts.

You see, I quite like making model Spitfires.

From the back, left hand corner: Mk 1 (early production), Mk1A, Mk V (Clipped wings), Mk V(Tropical filter), Mk VII (High altitude),
 Mk IX, MkXVI (Late production with cut-down fuselage), Mk XIX (PR), FR22, Seafire47 (The end of the Spitfire line)

There's about 25 different marks of Spitfire so I have a fair way to go yet. 

 Yes, that is a stack of lads mags under the kitchen table. 
Single male living alone. 
Deal with it. 
Sometimes I don't wash up immediately after a meal either. 

Looks pretty good so far, doesn't it? Time to shatter that illusion, because now you're going to get a closer look at some of my favourites. 
If you take modelmaking seriously, stop reading now - this won't be pretty.  

The PR XIX in Swedish markings. Such a great colour scheme, how could I resist?
Fun fact: The RAF hung on to the PR Spitfire well into the 1950s because even the first generation of jets had trouble intercepting them. 

Note to self: dust models at some point. 
 An FR22 in the snazzy post-war colours.  
The Seafire 47 with the contra-rotating propellors.
No they aren't supposed to look like that.
Neither is the paint job. 
I told you I wasn't very good...

By this point the Seafire had almost no parts in common with the original Spitfire and was twice the weight.
Still an elegant aircraft though. You can understand why people get misty-eyed about Spits. 

Here's a Mark 1 and the FR47 side by side for comparison. 

Finally, my most recent kit.

 The MK XVI - which started off as a MK IX fitted with the Packard Merlin.
Later on Supermarine added some modifications, most noticeably the cut-down rear fuselage and Mustang style canopy.  

I'm still quite pleased with this kit although it must be said, I made a few minor errors.

Trying to clean a paint-spattered canopy with white spirit for instance. 

(Tip: Don't do this... ever !)

And I have no idea what I did to the wings but they ended up looking like I put them on upside down. 

They aren't supposed to curve down like that! 

Never mind. I knew from day one that I'm never going to win any contests doing this and when it comes down to it, making model Spitfires keeps me occupied and out of mischief.

Now does anybody know where I can get a decent 1:72 scale Mk VIII?  Aussie markings for preference.

That's all folks.  

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: More Women In White

Continuing the theme from last time, here's more young ladies doing their best to stand out from the crowd.

Lyria - Catharsis (Brazil 2014)

Yes, love, you're still gorgeous.
Now can we get out of this creepy-ass forest please?

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: Women in White

  Good evening and welcome to another installment of Heavy Metal Cover Girls, a feature where I post artwork from Metal albums - using a very, very broad interpretation of Metal that includes Hard Rock and AOR as well.

Mind you, I once read a book called "500 Greatest Metal albums" that included people like Prince and Teena Marie, so maybe not that broad.  I'm fairly certain the author was taking the piss but it's hard to be sure, sometimes.
 Anybody else remember Kerrang magazine trying to push Duran Duran as a Rock band?  Oh dear gods...

 Back to the theme, and like so many others I use, it's a very simple one.  

Have your Cover Girl wearing white. 

 Metal doesn't normally do white clothing. I have been to gigs where the only white on display was on the security team's shirts. So right away you've caught the eye. 
And unlike certain other colours, you can play with people's expectations. Black is serious, sombre. Red screams "femme fatale". 
 White....can be exactly what it looks like or something dangerous hiding behind a guise of innocence. 

Within Temptation - The Heart Of Everything (NLD  2007)

Heavy metal cover girl white
 Going all out on the symbolism here. Blindfold..white ballgown...pigeons...rosary..clouds

I have no idea what it actually means but it's a cool cover. 

WT are one of my favourite bands of recent years so I take great pleasure in sharing this song with you.

Annette Olzon - Shine  (Sweden 2014)

metal cover art woman in white

The ex-Nightwish chanteuse enjoying a winter walk in the countryside.
Possibly the first time I've ever posted somebody wearing a coat.

Well I did say that I was using a very broad definition of "Metal."

Let's post something a bit heavier next. 

Suspyre - A Great Divide (USA 2007)

album cover sleepwalking woman
 You know you've got a sleepwalking problem when you wake up in the street,
wearing your nice, new nightie, and surrounded by ugly, grey people. 

The band are Symphonic/Prog metal so finding a short song was nigh-impossible.

Kissin' Dynamite - Money. Sex and Power (Germany 2012)

There are people holding machine guns in the pic - so why do I get this feeling that she's the most dangerous person in that room?

Musically Kissin' Dynamite are a European take on LA Glam.

Matenrou Opera - Avalon (Japan 2014)


Weird that the star of the cover is the least colourful thing on it.

The band are Visual Kei, which may have had some roots in metal  - but that was before the Japanese did their usual and bent it into something else entirely.


That's it for now...but expect more women in white next time.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Metal Project: The Metal Cult

 What with this, that and the other thing, I haven't had as much time for the blog as I'd like. But nevermind. 

Are you ready to listen to some Heavy Metal?  

Ah said...Are you ready to listen to some Heavy Metal?

Here's a small selection of songs chosen entirely at random. Enjoy. 

Phantom - In Metal (Canada 2013)

(Catchy Traditional Heavy Metal that gets the job done.)

Honour to: Phantom Metal

Stonehead - Heavy Metal Stone (Demo - Peru 2011)

(Rough and ragged South American Thrash)

Honour to: Wolf Asmodeus

Zergoth - Thrash Metal (USA 2010)

(Thrash with some tasty outbreaks of melodic guitar )

Honour to: thrash4human

Anybody else get a bit of a Death Angel vibe off that?

Air Raid - The Metal Cult (Sweden 2013)

(From the beefier end of Power Metal)

Honour to: GordiAttack

Black Math Horseman - Torment Of The Metals (USA 2009)

(Brooding, 70s-flavoured Occult Metal epic that takes time to build up.
Close your eyes and let it wash over you )

Honour to: thepatient21

Atomizer - Atomic Metal Power (Australian 2006)

(Sits on the border between Thrash and Black Metal scowling at visitors)

Honour to: vulturador

And finally...

Forca Macabra - Estupidos Do Metal Infernal (1999)

Let's play a game. Guess where these boys are from.

Honour to: kaique marchionta

"Ah." Yout thought. "That's easy. The band name is obviously Portuguese. They're singing in Portuguese. They're playing Brazilian style Thrash - They must be Brazilian."


According to Encyclopedia Metallium this band is Finnish - but are massive fans of Brazilian Thrashcore so write all their songs in Portuguese as a tribute. 

Heavy Metal has more than it's fair share of bands that are quirky, unusual or just plain odd. One of the many reasons I enjoy it so much. 
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