Saturday, 29 April 2017

Heavy Metal Cover Girls: In Space!

  Ok, so my plan to post on a daily basis kinda went tits-up but that's what happens to plans. Stuff happens, plans change, planners try and make it seems like they had it under control the whole time.

 Now let's look at some album covers. 

  Since I've just been watching Doctor Who, I think I'll reuse the theme of Sci-Fi - although obviously all these are from a less cerebral strain of Science Fiction that places more emphasis on Blasters and Skintight trousers. Or no trousers at all. 

The Pass Outs - Dead Technology (Australia 2017)

SciFi Album cover sexy metal bikini
Celebrating one of the most memorable moments in Sci-Fi history and many a young boy's adolescent dreams,
while at the same time paying tribute to Princess Leia being a legitimate badass.

The Passouts are catchy modern Rock music with a bit of punch.


Havoc - Back For The Kill (USA 2016)

SF Album cover girl, Heavy Metal Cover girls
I think if we could see her face it would be set in "Oh Fuck" mode.

Havoc have take a long time to release their demo album - the first demo came out in 1988.



Falkirk -Alpha Centaury (France 2011)

Cyberpunk album cover art, metal album artwork
What's with the ginormous shoulderpads?
How are they even staying on?
I like the cover - very cyberpunk - but the shoulderpads bug me.

I couldn't find a song off this CD so here's one of their other tracks.
FFO melodic Metal


After All - Mercury Rising (Belgium 2002)

SF artwork naked woman and robots
Metal has a long and proud tradition of reusing artwork from SF books and calendars.
I'm convinced that even Luis Royo has no idea how many albums his work is on.

I have no idea why this young lady is apparently trying to seduce the laser-spitting RoboSnake.

After All are thunderous but tuneful Thrash.


The Attack of The Brain Eaters - Titan  EP (Spain 2014)

Now this is a cool album cover combining a spacescape with the traditional Green Skinned Space Babe.
I'm assuming she's a babe. From the neck down she could be a Space Mushroom with tentacles for all we know.

The Attack Of The Brain Eaters are..I dunno..Stoner/Punk?
See what you think.


Invictus - Invictus (Romania 2015)

Really, the only indication that this is a woman are the high-heeled armour boots and the slim waist.
She's a bit overdressed in comparison with...everybody I've ever posted on here..but I like the cover so what the hell.  Very Warhammer 40K.

Invictus aren't the pounding thrash I was expecting being female fronted Symphonic Power Metal.


Flesh- Flesh (Croatia 2014)

Would I buy a book with this on the cover?
Are you kidding me? 
A sexy, yet ferocious, spacegirl with a whip battling aliens under a red sky?
I wouldn't even open it first. 

Flesh are no-bullshit HM with a slight hint of the Germanic. 


Monte Pittman - Inverted Grasp Of Balance (USA 2016)

Are those helmets or halos? 
I'm not sure if this is Sci-Fi or horror or a bit of both. 
There's a skeleton casually lying around but there's some tech-y stuff on the central figure so...

Monte Pittman is the guitarist for Madonna but has also worked with industro-thrash heavyweights Prong . Clearly a man who can adapt to anything.  
This track switches between almost Death Metal riffing and melodic grooves. 


Ten- Battlefield (UK 2016)

sexy album cover, bum, sci-Fi
Now how is she going to explain to the citizens of Neo Manhattan that their main tourist attraction accidentally got blasted into bits?

This is a compilation from the two albums Ten did for Rocktopia Records.
(Which I keep meaning to buy some day.)

That's all folks. 

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