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I have a new project...
Time for some more Metal Songs about Metal
Today's dose of Metal
Monday Metal Massacre
It's Tuesday - Must be time to post some Metal
It's Wednesday - Get some Metal in yer ears.
Bow before the Metal Messiahs
Friday - It's the Metal that matters.
Saturday Axe Attack
And on the Seventh Day you shall listen to Metal
It's Monday already. The weekend may be over but we can still have some Metal
Tuesday's coming. Did you bring your coat....of Metal?
Welcome to the Metal zone.
Thursday - Named after a Norse god so pretty bloody Metal already.
Metal takes itself too seriously? Try telling these guys.
Normal Metal Service is resumed.
Another fistful of Metal in yer face

Here's where I started doing alphabetical posts. 
Can you show me the way to Metal street?
Bad, Black and Blasphemous.
Choose Metal. Choose headbanging. Choose life.
Do ya wanna get Metalised?
'Eads down. See ya at the end.
Metal - Video edition.
From the Coast of Gold, across the Seven Seas - I bring you Metal
God listens to Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal is the Law
I quite like Heavy Metal
Jack and Jill went up the hill, got drunk and listened to Metal
Kings Of Metal
Let us drink beer, eat pork and listen to Metal. 
Spoofs , Pisstakes and other Silliness.
Today's Mega Metal Posting.
Metal and Alchohol - A partnership for the ages.
Night of the Metal Monsters.
Over the hills and far away, to a place where the Heavy Metal plays.
Pieces of Metal Minds. 
Quoth the Raven "Metal forevermore"
Seek and Destroy
Thunder and Lightning, Very, Very Metal
Under The Blade
Victims Of The Metal Future.
Warriors Of Steel Ride Out
 XYZ - The Final Chapters

More Metal Videos
More Metal for your entertainment.
Metal En Espanol - Hail To Hispanic Metal Warriors.
The Wide, Wide World Of Metal
Ladies and Gentlemen - Welcome To The Eurovision Metal Contest.
The Eurovision Metal Contest - Group 2
The Eurovision Metal Contest Group 3
Iron Eagles Rising - Heavy Metal From Italy
All-American Metal
Unleashed in the East - Japanese Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal behind the Iron Curtain
Deutsche Metal Uber Alles
Herz aus Stahl
Metal Videos - Chapter III
Hard and Heavy Hellenes - Metal From Greece
Land Of a Thousand Lakes - And An Awful Lot Of Metal
Formidable - Metal From France
Vikings, Ikea...and Metal
Metal From The Great White North
A further helping of Metal videos.
Soldiers Of Metal - More Metal from the USA.
Metal From Mexico
Colombian Metal
The Metal Project - Brazil
Metal From Paraguay
Metal from the land of the Incas
Metal From Argentina
Metal From Chile
Metal From Australia
Metal from Indonesia and Malaysia
Metalucifer - The Most Metal Band Ever.
More Metal From Around the World
British Steel

Heavy Metal from1982
Heavy Metal from 1983
Heavy Metal from 1984
Heavy Metal from 1986
Heavy Metal From 1987
Heavy Metal From 1988
Heavy Metal From 1989
Metal Videos Chapter V
The Nineties - Part One
The Nineties - Part Two
Heavy Metal from 2000
2001 - A Metal Odyssey
Heavy Metal From 2002
Heavy Metal from 2003 (pt 1)
Heavy Metal From 2003 (pt 2)
Heavy Metal from 2004
Heavy Metal From 2005
Heavy Metal From 2006
Heavy Metal From 2007
Heavy Metal From 2008
Heavy Metal From 2009
Heavy Metal From 2010 (part 1)
Heavy Metal from 2010 (part 2)
Heavy Metal From 2010 (part 3)
Heavy Metal From 2011 (part 1)
Heavy Metal From 2011 (part 2)
Heavy Metal From 2011 (part 3)
Metal +Punk = MetalPunk
Heavy Metal from 2012 (Part 1)
Heavy Metal From 2012 (Part 2)
Heavy Metal From 2012 (Part 3)

Metal Miscellany
Metal With Mirth
Metal Monks And Other Wonders
The 80s were awesome and you know it. 
Ride The Metal Highway
Heavy Metal From 2013 - The Story So Far
The Eurovision Metal Contest 2013
No Rhyme No Reason Only Metal
Metal Is The Way
One Thousand Songs About Heavy Metal
Video Edition 2013
Headbanging on the 4th of July
Total Metal
Enjoy The Metal Summer
Burning For Metal
More metal from 2013
Heavy Metal We Salute You
Through Metal And Madness
Demo Days
Metal Made In Hell
Heavy Metal Heaven
Metal Over Mind
Mighty Metal Axe
Heavy Metal Storm
Video Edition 2014
Heavy Metal Easter
Eurovision Metal Contest 2014 (pt 1)
Eurovision Metal Contest 2014 (pt 2)
The Can-Am Metal Connection
There's An Awful Lot Of Metal In Brazil
Ten Of The Best
Mexican Metal Maniacs
Colombia - (I couldn't think of a cool title)
Metal From 2014
More Metal From Paraguay
More Metal From Argentina
Speed Metal Attack
Planets Of Metal
Eurovision Metal Contest 2015 pt 1
Eurovision Metal Contest 2015 Pt 2
Eurovision Metal Contest 2015 pt 3
Eurovision Metal Contest 2015 pt 4
Eurovision Metal Contest 2015 pt 5
Black Metal Night
A Bit Different
The Power Of Metal Compels Me
Test Your Metal
We Sold Our Souls To Metal
The Metal Cult
The Need For Speed ...Metal
Metal from 2015
Metal From 2015 - Continued
Welcome to 2016

Back to doing Alphabetical posts again.

Angels Of Metal
B Is For Barbarian
C Is For Caligula

Eurovision Metal Contest 2016 (pt 1)
Eurovision Metal Contest 2016 (Pt 2)
Eurovision Metal Contest 2016 (pt 3)

D Is For Decibels
E is For Evil
F Is For Fear
G is for Galahad
H Is For Heavy Metal (What else could it be?)
I Is For Inferno
K Is For King
L Is For Leather
M Is For Metal
N Is For Nocturnal
O Is For Overdrive
P is For Power
R Is For Ritual
S Is For Steel
S Is (Also) For Samain
T Is For Thunder
V is for Vault
W Is For War

Maximum Metal Video
Short And Savage

Eurovision Metal Contest 2017 (Group 1)
Eurovision Metal Contest 2017 (Group 2)
Eurovision Metal Contest (Group 3)

Happy Canada Day
America F*** Yeah!
Metal Islam
Metal From The Rising Sun

Storming Metal
Metal Knights
Heavy Metal Tonight
Hombres De Metal
Welcome to 2018
Just For Metal
Return Of The Metal Militia
Metal Time

Eurovision Metal Contest 2018 Heat 1
Eurovision Metal Contest 2018 Heat 2
Eurovision Metal Contest 2018 Heat 3

Happy Canada Day
Bad Boys Of Metal
Keep It Metal
Heavy Metal Invasion
Happy Independence Day, Mexico
Thank You For The Metal

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