The Metal Project Songlist

List of Heavy Metal songs Meta Metal

One night I was poking about on Youtube and I started wondering  how many Metal songs actually contain the word "Metal" in the title. As it turned out, an awful lot.
 This is a (very) rough list of all the songs I've posted so far, with a link so you can hear it for yourself. Obviously some are no longer available thanks to Youtube accounts closing and whatnot.
Yes, I have listened to every single one of these.

25/11/12 - I've been working through  these adding links. The ones struck through are where the link I had is gone.
08/05/13 - If I find a new link, I'll put it on and highlight it in red.

Posted so far
Стальные нервы - Metal LINK
3D In Your Face - Metal Fears (Instrumental) LINK
3 Inches Of Blood - Metal Woman (Video)  LINK
13lackHan - Black Metal Planet - LINK
220 Voltios - Heavy Metal LINK
666 Motosierras - Metal Scream LINK
Lee  Aaron - Metal Queen LINK
Abaddon - Noches de Metal LINK
Abadon - Heavy Metal LINK
Abigail -Beer! Metal! Sex! LINK
Abigail - High School Metal Bitch LINK
Abigail - Metal Evil Metal LINK
Abigail - Satanic Metal Fucking Hell LINK
Abigail - Metal Got Sick LINK
Abigail - Metal Bitch Inferno LINK
Abigail - War Metal Till Death  LINK
Abigail - Sexual Metal Holocaust LINK
Abigail - Final Metal Attack LINK
Abigail - Metal Evil Metal LINK
Abigail - Sexual Metal Party LINK (Video)
Abismales - Metal Del Alma  LINK
Abductor - Adictos al Metal LINK
Accept - Metal Heart LINK
Accept - Slaves to Metal LINK
Acero Letal - Por La Gloria Del Metal LINK
Acid -Hooked On Metal LINK
Acid Storm-Metal Beasts LINK

Acid Witch - Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown LINK
Adam Bomb - I Want My Heavy Metal   LINK
Adgar -Heavy Metal LINK
Adgar - El Dios del Metal Link
Ad Noctem Funeriis - Satan's March Black Metal LINK
Adrenicide - Metal Fucking Metal LINK
Advice - Heavy Metal LINK
AES - Power Metal LINK
Agent Metal _Freedom, Metal and Might LINK
Aggression - Metal Slaughter LINK
Aggressive - The Metal Head Case LINK
Aggressive Agricultor - Rene Le Roi Du Metal LINK
Ahola - Still Metal  LINK
Aiming High -Metal Fighter Squadron LINK
Air Borne - Temple Of Metal LINK
Air Raid - The Metal Cult LINK
AirWolf - Death Metal Rain  LINK
Akilla - Speed Metal  LINK
Alaska - Voice of the Metal God LINK
Alcoholic Rites- Thrash and Heavy Metal of WarLINK
Alcoholocaust - Alcool & Metal LINK
Alcoholocaust - Thrash Metal Ataque LINK
Aleacion Binaria - En La Senda Del Metal LINK
Alestorm - Heavy Metal Pirates LINK
Alexis Birds of Prey - Metallizer II LINK
Alias - Metal To Infinity LINK
Alias Mangler - Bite The Metal LINK
Alkoholizer - Alkoholic Metal LINK
Alkoholizer - Thrash Metal LINK
Alcoholocaust - Supremo Heavy Metal Negro LINK
Allied Forces - Heavy Metal Invasion LINK
Alltheniko - Metal Unchained LINK
Aloha - Heavy Metal Virgin LINK
Al Sirat - Metalstorm (Instrumental) LINK
Altar of Sin - Death Metal Inferno LINK
Altar Of Sin - Metal Massacre LINK
Alternate Reality - Metal Coma  (Video) LINK
Ambeon - Cold Metal LINK
Amenazha - Heavy Metal (Video) LINK
Amethyst - Let Slavitsa Metall LINK
Amoebic Dysenterey - Mongloid Metal LINK
Amon Amarth - Metalwrath LINK
A Monumental Black Statue - MMIII Black Metal Overdose LINK
Anacron - Heavy Metal LINK
Analog Dreams - Metal Thunder LINK
Ancesthor - Thrash Metal Iron Smash  LINK
Ancient prophecy - Metal Is Still Alive LINK
Angel De Metal - Forjando Metal LINK
Angel De Metal - Creaturas Del Metal (video) LINK
Angel De Metal - Just For Metal LINK
Angelkillers - Fighting For Metal LINK
Angelus - Esto Es Heavy Metal LINK
Angel Sword - Heavy Metal Night LINK
Angorya - Hermanos Del Metal LINK
Angory - Sinientos Profetas Del Metal LINK
Angra - Metal Icarus LINK
Angry Angels - Metal Crusaders  LINK
Anlace - Death Metal Slave LINK
Antacid - Metalstrike Hammer LINK
Antacid - Metal Assault Devastation LINK
Antacid - Heavy Metal LINK
Antarion - La Caja De Metal LINK
Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad LINK
Anthrax - Soldiers Of Metal LINK
Antichrist Hooligans - Heavy Metal Attack LINK
Antipeewe - Thrash Metal Fist LINK
Antiphrasis - Black Metal  LINK
Anvil: Metal on Metal LINK
Anvil - Real Metal LINK
Aragorn - Metal Fatigue LINK
Arakain - Zadnej Metal LINK
Arakain - M. Jako Metal LINK
Arakain - Metalomanie LINK
Arcano XV - Heavy Metal Storm LINK
Archaize - Metal Exorcism LINK
Aria (Russia)-Metal Is Forged Here LINK
Ares - About Metal - LINK

Ariman - Metal Eterno LINK
Arkanos - Mi Inferna Ley, el Heavy Metal es LINK
Arkanos - Metal Infernal LINK
Arkham - Metal Or Chains LINK
Arkham Witch - For Metal LINK
Arkham Witch - Metal Queen LINK
Arma - Satanik Metal Punk Commando LINK
Armed Forces - Let there Be Metal LINK
Armour - Heavy Metal Drinkers LINK
Arrow - Heavy Metal Birthday LINK
Arsinal - Heavy Metal Mamma LINK
Arsix - Sol De Metal LINK
Artazia - Metal Rose LINK
Artch - Metal Life  LINK
Aryon - Metally Insane LINK
Ases - Black Metal Knights LINK

Aserrador - Hermanos Metal  LINK
Asgard - Metal Tonight LINK
Ash Lee Blade - Kill For Heavy Metal(video) LINK
Asparaez - Fire and Metal LINK
Asphyxer - Speed Metal Beasts LINK
Aspid - Flor De Metal LINK
Aspid - Espiritu de metal LINK
Assault - Queen of Metal  LINK
Astoryas - Heavy Metal (Video) LINK
Astralion - We All Made Metal (Video) LINK
Atenas - Luchando Por El Metal  LINK
Athena - Metalforce LINK
At Libitum - Heavy Metal Night LINK
Atomic Curse - Metal Tonight LINK
Atomic Genocide - Por El Metal |(Video)  LINK
Atomic Roar - Metal Patrol LINK
Atomik Cocktail - Metal Rages On LINK
Atomik Nightmare - Metal from Hell LINK
Atomizer - Atomic Metal Power LINK
Atomkraft -  Total Metal LINK
Atomkraft - Pour The Metal In LINK
Attaxe - Metal Messiah LINK
Attaxe - Petal To The Metal LINK
Attentat Rock  - Heavy Metal(video) LINK
Aura Noir - Black Metal Jaw LINK
Aurea - Centauro De Metal LINK
Autopsya - Thrash Metal Army LINK
Avalon - When Metal Comes Alive LINK
Avenger - Missao Metalica LINK
Axecutor - No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)  LINK
Axe gang - Heavy Metal (video) LINK
Axel -She's A Heavy Metal Thunder LINK
Axevyper - March Of Metal Rockers LINK
Axevyper - Metal Tormentor LINK
Axewielder - Heavy Metal Zombies (video) LINK
Axewielder - Metalhorned Stallions LINK
Azaghal - Black Terror Metal LINK
Azazel - Black Metal Night LINK
Azrael - Death Metal LINK
Azul Limao - Sata Clama Metal LINK
Azuzena - A Los Dioses Del Metal  LINK

Baal - Metal Legion LINK
Baalberith - Black Metal War LINK
Babylon - Metal Fire LINK
Bad Heaven - Metal On Metal LINK
Bad Joke - Heavy Metal Forces LINK
Bang Gang - Pedal To The Metal  LINK
Baphomet's Blood - Satanic Metal Attack LINK
Baphomet’s Blood - Heavy Metal Forces LINK
Baphomet’s Blood - Speed Metal Warriors LINK
Baphomet’s Blood-Speed Metal Earthquake LINK
Baphomet's Blood - Baphometal LINK
Baphomet's Blood - Metal Hunt LINK
Baphomet's Blood - Metal Damnation LINK 
Barathrum - Warmetal LINK
Barbarian - Total Metal LINK
Barbarian - Absolute Metal LINK
Barbatos - Rocking Metal Motherfucker LINK
Barbatos - War Metal War LINK
Barbatos - Hells Witching Metal LINK
Barbatos - Metal Hangover LINK
Battalion - The Fight For Metal LINK
Battery - Power Metal LINK
BattleAxe- Movin' Metal Rock LINK
BattleAxe - Heavy Metal Sanctuary LINK
Battle Beast - Enter the Metal World (Video) LINK
Battle Beast - Justice And Metal LINK
Battlerage  Heavy Metal Axe LINK
Battlerage - Raw Metal  LINK
Battlerage - Metal Slaughter LINK
Battle Ram - I Am HM LINK
Battleroar - Metal From Hellas LINK
(Paul Di'anno's) Battlezone - Metal Tears LINK
Beast Light - Metal Dog LINK
Beautiful Sin - Metal Waves LINK
Bedeiah - Blood Metal LINK
Behexen - Black Metal Baptism LINK
Belial - American Metal LINK
Bestial Descration - Speed Metal Attack LINK
Bestial Desecration _Attack Of The Metal Hellstorm LINK
Bestial Desecration -Hatefilled Metalrage LINK
Bestial Hordes - Nuclear Metal Lust LINK
Bestial Hordes - Street Metal Fucker LINK
Bestial Hordes - Street Metal Bitch LINK
Bestial Mockery - Chainsaw Metal LINK
Bestial Mockery - Black Metal Slaughter LINK
Bestial Reviler - Hell's Metal Warfare LINK 
Bestia Metalica - La Melodia De Metal LINK
Bestia Metalica - El Ruido Del Metal LINK
Beton - Anak Metal LINK
Betrayer F.T.M - Infernal Metal LINK
Bicoloured Men - Metal Men -LINK
Biest - Metal LINK
Big Panzer - Bursa Metal LINK
Big Rat - Heavy Metal Dynamite LINK
Birth Ritual - Witching Metal LINK
Bitch - Heavy Metal Breakdown LINK
Black Alice - Man Of Metal LINK
Black Bridge - Metal Taco LINK
Black Diamond - Metal To Metal LINK
Black Diamond - Metal Warriors LINK
Black Evil - Metal Fire LINK
Black Fire - Thrash Metal (Video) LINK
Black Ghost - Heavy Metal Angel
Black Hawk - Mighty Metal Axe LINK
Black Ice - Heavy Metal Warriors LINK
Black Knight -Metal Screams LINK
Black Knight - Aaraigathor (Metal Anthem) LINK
Blacklyst - Metal Knights LINK
Black Magick - Coporate Metal LINK
Black Math Horseman - Torment Of The Metals LINK
Black Out -Screaming Metal LINK
Black Rain Gods Of Metal LINK
Black Rain - No Life Till Metal LINK
Blackrider - Full Metal Madness LINK
Blackshore - Troublemakers Black Metal  LINK
Blackshore - Black Metal Untermensch LINK
Black Steel - Grind To Metal LINK
BlackSun - Metal Madness(video) LINK
Black Swan - Metal Roads LINK
Black Viper - Metal Blitzkrieg LINK
Black Virgin - Heavy Metal Mad LINK
Black Vomit 666 - Carniceria con Metal  LINK
Black Vomit Alcohol y Metal LINK
Black Witchery - Black Witching Metal LINK
Blackwych - Metal Mania LINK
Blasdead - Keep Heavy Stay Metal LINK
Blasfemador - Speed Metal Ataque LINK
Blastmasters - Twisted Metal LINK
Blaze Bayley - The King Of Metal LINK
Bleating Apocalypse - Black Metal Interior Design LINK
Blessed Virgin - Heavy Metal LINK
Blind Justice - Heavy Metal Revolution. LINK
Blind Vengeance - Metal Over Mind LINK
Blister Unit - Gunmetal LINK
Blitzkrieg - Metalizer LINK
Blizzard - Alcoholic Metal Mayhem LINK
Blizzard - No Beer Until Metal LINK
Blizzard Hunter - Heavy Metal To The Vein (Video) LINK
 Bloden-Wedd - Power Metal Pride  LINK
Bloke - La Fuerza Del Metal LINK
Blood Atonement - Speed Metal Militia LINK
BloodBound - Metal Monster
BloodBound - Metalheads Unite LINK
BloodBound - In The Name Of Metal LINK
Blood Duster - Metal As Fuck LINK
Bloodhammer - Casted In Metal LINK
Blood Money - Metallised
Blood Pollution - Metal Zombies LINK
Blood Runner - Metal Assault LINK
Blood Slut - Metal Warrior LINK
Blood Slut- Metal To The Core LINK
Blood Tsunami - Metal Fang LINK
Bloody Witch - Metal Attack LINK
Blotto - Metalhead (video) LINK
Bludwulf- Full Metal Warrior LINK
Blue Oyster Cult - Heavy Metal: The Black And Silver  LINK
Bodine - Heavy Metal Heart LINK
Bombarder - Speed Metal Manijak LINK
Bombarder - Metalni Bog LINK
Bonehead vs Prince Ov Darkness - Pedal To The Metal  LINK
Borzbom - Blaargh Metal Ist Krieg LINK
Braddock - Metal Up Your Ass! LINK
Brain Damaged - Dosis De Metal LINK
Brave - Heavy Metal LINK
Breaker - In Days Of Heavy Metal LINK
Bride - Metal Might LINK
Brocas Helm - Metallic Fury LINK
Bronx -Metal Straight To The Heart LINK
Brothers Of Metal - We Beleive In Metal LINK
Brutal Hand - Metal Rules LINK
Brutal Wulfsex - Eternal Fires Of Metal LINK
Buffalo Theory MTL - Du Metal  LINK
Bulldozing Bastard - Metal Avenger LINK
Bulldozing Bastard - Bastard Metal LINK
Buldozing Bastard - Street Metal Death Squad LINK
Bulldozing Bastard - Motorized Metal LINK
Bullet - Heavy Metal Dynamite LINK
Burning Black - Heavy Metal Is My Law LINK
Burning Legions - Metal Messiah LINK
Burning Rain - Metal Superman LINK
Burning Starr - Metal Generation LINK
Burning Witches - Metal Demons LINK
Bursa Lamb - BEEE Metal LINK
Bywar - At Trance With Metal LINK

Caceria - Ataque Frontal De Metal LINK
Caceria _ Satanic Metal Warrior LINK
Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony LINK
Cadaver - Decomposed Metal Skin LINK
Cage - Fire and Metal LINK
Cage - Metal Empire LINK
Cage - Metal Devil LINK
Caligula - Metal Queen  LINK
Calvaria - Metallia  LINK
Camos - Black Metal Night LINK
Cannon - Heavy Metal Style LINK
Cannon - Metal Forever LINK
Cannon - Metal Thunder  LINK
Captain Cleanoff- Life Metal LINK
Captain Kill - Heavy Metal Pirates LINK
Caronte - Esta Noche Metal LINK
Cast Iron - Leather & Metal LINK
Cendra - Metal Punk LINK
Centuria- Alas De Metal LINK
Centurias - Metal Comando LINK
Cephalic Carnage - Black Metal Sabbath LINK
Cerberus Attack - If You Don't Liike Thrash Metal Fuck You LINK
Chainsaw- Metal Commandments LINK
Chalace - Heavier Than Metal  LINK
Chaotic Bastard - Metal Justice
Chapel Grove - Gun Metal Grey Sky LINK
Charter - Princesse de Metal LINK
Child Saint - Maid Of Metal LINK
China White -Heavy Metal Thunder LINK
Chinchilla - Heavy Metal LINK
Chronophage - Metalspheres 
Chronos - Guerreros De Metal LINK
Citadel - Prince of Heavy Metal LINK
CJSS - Metal Forever LINK
Claustrofobia - Metal Maloka  LINK
Clenched Fist - Speed Metal Attack LINK
Cloven Hoof _ Heavy Metal Men Of Steel LINK
Cobra - Ataque Metal LINK
Cobra - RockMetal LINK
Coffin Born - Piano Metal LINK
Comando Nuclear - Vinganca Metal LINK
Combat Noise - Cuba Death Metal LINK
Conquest - Fight For Metal LINK
Conquest - Metal Wings LINK
Conquest Of Steel: Taste The Metal LINK
Convict - Metal Warriors LINK
Convixion - Heavy Metal Re Mounia
Convixion - Drink Metal LINK
Convixion - Heavy Metal Way LINK
Corners of Sanctuary - Metal Machine LINK
Corpse Grinder - Hail to Death Metal Legion LINK
Cranium - Speed Metal Sentence LINK
Crecent Shield - Slave To The Metal Horde LINK
Crepusculo Maldito -  Necro Metal Punks LINK
Crimson Fire - Metal Is Back LINK
Crimson Fire - Born For Metal LINK
Crimson Valley - Heavy Metal Knights LINK
Cristal y Acero - Heavy Metal Kids LINK
Crisis - Martillo De Metal
Cronecronaut - Speed Metal From Space LINK
Cross - Metal From Above LINK
Crossfire - Metal Knives LINK
Crowhaven - Heavy Metal Darlin' LINK
Cruel Force -Leather And Metal LINK
Cryonic Temple - Heavy Metal Never Dies LINK
Cryonic Temple - Eternal Flames Of Metal LINK
Cryonic Temple - Metal Brothers LINK
Cryonic Temple - Mercenaries of Metal LINK
Crypt - Metalust Forever LINK 
Crystal Viper - Metal Nation LINK
Culprit - Metal Heart LINK
Cult Of The Fox - Through Metal And Madness LINK
Cumchrist - In The Sea Of Heavy Metal You Are Plankton LINK
Cursed Slaughter - Metal Moshing Thrash Machine LINK

D.O.H - Metal Academy LINK
Dagon - Ocean Metal LINK
Dancyr - Texas Metal Boys LINK
Dangerous - Metal Heritage LINK
Dare - Heavy Metal Machine LINK
Dark Age - Metal Axe LINK
Darkest Oath - Black Metal Cult LINK
Dark Forest - Fight For Metal LINK
Darkness - Metalero LINK
Darkthrone - Canadian Metal LINK
Darkthrone - Hiking Metal Punks LINK
Darkthrone - Unholy Black Metal LINK
Das Pack - Heavy Metal Kind LINK (Video)
David Neil Cline _ The Metal Rules LINK
DDT - Metal On Ashes LINK
Deangersmith - It's All Just Metal To Me LINk
Death - Dead By Metal  LINK
Death Angel - Devil's Metal LINK
Death's Cold Wind - Satan Metal LINK
Deathhammer - Total Metal LINK
Deathstars - Metal LINK
Debauchery - Death Metal Maniac LINK
Debauchery -Death Metal War Machine LINK
Debauchery - Heavy Metal Monsternaut LINK
Déborah - Metal Praise
Decayed - Black Metal Onslaught LINK
Decibel Rebels - Beer Tits and Metal LINK
Deepspeed - Heavy Metal Bulldozer LINK
Deiphago - Satanic Metal LINK
Deja-Vu - Metal Warriors LINK
Dekpitator -Hell's Metal LINK
Dementia- Metal Detectors LINK
Demolition Train - Metal Mayhem LINK
Demona - Metal Through the Time LINK
Demona - Dirty Speed Metal LINK
Demonax- Play that Metal Mean/Authority LINK
Demoniac - Power of Metal LINK
Desaster (Germany)- Metalized Blood LINK
Desekrator - Metal For Demons LINK
Desoulment - Legions Of Metal LINK
Destillery - Heavy Metal LINK

Destroy Edge bone - Turbo Metal LINK
Destroyer 666 - Satanic Speed Metal LINK
Destroyer 666 - Death Metal Winds (Howl Again)  LINK
Destruction - Metal Discharge LINK
Destructor - Heavy Metal LINK
Detonator E Os Musas Do Metal: Heavy Metal Fatality LINK
Deuce - Metal Paranoia LINK
Devastated - Armpit Metal LINK
Devastator - Smash Metal Drink Beer LINK
Devil Across - Defenders Of The Metal LINK
Dexter Ward - Metal Rites LINK
Dexter Ward - These Metal Wings LINK
Diatort - Metal War LINK
Diavolos - Death Metal LINK
Die Apokalypischen Reiter - Metal Will Never Die LINK
Dim Aura - Black Metal Genocide LINK
Ronnie James Dio - Metal Will Never Die. LINK
Dio - God hates Heavy Metal LINK
Dirges - Metal Attack LINK
Dirges - Metal LINK
Disaster - Thrash Metal LINK
Disaster - Metal Adiccion LINK
Dismantle Satanic Force - Satanic Metal LINK
Disruptor - Speed Metal Attack LINK
Dissector - Metal On Loud (The Metalheads Anthem) LINK
DNA - Metal City LINK
Doomdogs - Metal Mayhem LINK
Doro - We Are The Metalheads LINK
Dorsal Atlantica - Metal Desunido LINK
Dragoner - Dios Del Metal LINK
Dragonheart - Forged Into Metal LINK
Dragonrider - By The Power Of Metal LINK
Dragonsfire - Burning For Metal  LINK
Drahdiwaberl - Heavy Metal Holocaust (video) LINK
Dreamer - Full Metal Racket LINK
Dream Evil - The Book of Heavy Metal LINK
Dream Evil - Made Of Metal LINK
Dream Evil - Fire Battle In Metal LINK
Dream Evil - Heavy Metal in The Night LINK
Dream Evil - Heavy Metal Jesus  LINK
Drinking Skull - Metal God LINK
Dr Jekyll - Muerte Al Falso Metal LINK
Dr. Skull - Metal On Metal  LINK
Dr. X- Hungry for Metal LINK
Drunkards - Metal Fury Broke Free Link

Eagle knight - We Metal LINK
Eden - Soy Metal LINK
Edge Of Thorns - Metal Unity (video) LINK
Egontor - Thrash Metal LINK
Egypt - Metal Ships LINK
El Dragon - De Cuero Y Metal LINK
El Dragon - Soldado De Metal LINK
Electric Eels - Metal Star LINK
Electric Eel Shock - Metal Man LINK
Eliminator - Holocaust War Metal LINK
El Motor - Caballo De Metal -LINK
Elm Street - Barbed Wire Metal (Video) LINK
Elm Street - Metal Is The Way LINK
Elm Street - Heavy Metal Power LINK
Emerald Steel - Sex Metal LINK
Emerald Sun - Planet Metal LINK
Emerald Sun - Heavy Metal LINK
Emerald Sun - Metal Dome LINK
Emir Hot - Sevdah Metal Rhapsody LINK
Ensiferum - Stone Cold Metal LINK  
Ensiferum - For Those About To Fight For Metal LINK
Enter Obscurity - Destroy Poser Metal LINK
Enthroned - Satanic Metal Kult LINK
Epakristus - Devils metal LINK
Epic Future - Metal Jesus LINK
Erase - Metal Force LINK
Ereshkigal - Black Metal Storm LINK
Erotikill - Metal Cry LINK
Erzebet - Ultra Medieval Black Metal  LINK
Eternal Thirst - Metal Rules The Earth LINK
Eudoxis - Metal Fix LINK
Evenstorm - Heavy Metal Fever LINK
Evenstorm - M.E.T.A.L LINK
Evil Blood - Thrash Metal Assault LINK
Evil Force - Speed Metal Evil LINK
Evil Knight - Evil Metal Or Die LINK
Evil Rage - Heavy Metal Is My Law LINK
Evil Scarecrow - Choose Metal LINK
Evo - Sangre y Metal LINK
Excalibur - Rock De Metal  LINK
Exciter - Heavy Metal Maniac LINK
Exciter - Pounding Metal LINK
Exciter -Metal Crusaders LINK
Exciters - Metal Man  LINK
E-X-E - Metal Hell LINK
Execute - Heavy Metal Army LINK
Executioner - Metal Up Your Ass LINK
Exmortus - Metal is King LINK
Exodus - Metal Command LINK
EXP - Full Metal Jacket LINK
Extreme Attack - Thrash Metal LINK
Extreme Attack - Metal Slave LINK
Exxplorer - Metal Detectors LINK

Faced Reality - Metal vs Hip Hop LINK
Faces Of Madness - Metal Empire LINK
Facon - Alma De Metal LINK
Fact - Fight For The Metal LINK
Fact - Heavy Metal Power Play LINK
Fahrenhate - Feeling the Heavy Metal LINK
Faithful Breath - Crazy In Metal LINK
Falcar - The Metal Crusade LINK
Fantom - Black Metal LINK
Farscape - Carasco Do Metal LINK
Fastter - Guerreros Del Metal LINK
Fatality - Metal as Hell LINK
Fate Angel - Metal  Inferno LINK
Feabringer - Immortality Through Black Metal LINK
Feanor - We Are Heavy Metal  LINK
Filthy Christians - Just Another Metal Band LINK
Fimbulwinter - Black Metal Storm LINK
Fin Bulgaria - The Metal  LINK
Fingernails - Heavy Metal Forces
Fire - Metal Breakdown LINK
Fireforce - Born To Play Metal
Fireforce - Combat Metal (Video) LINK
Fire Shadow - Steel and Metal LINK
First Aid _ Heavy Metal Men LINK
Firstryke - Metal Machine LINK
Flagelador - Unidos Pelo Metal LINK
Flagelador - Missao Metal LINK
Flashover - Gods Metal War LINK
F.K.U - Horror Metal Moshing Machine LINK
FKU - Horror Metal Man LINK
F.K.U - Metal Moshing Mad LINK
Fongus - Metal Mortal LINK
Forca Macabra - Estupidos Do Metal Infernal LINK
Forcer - Spirit Of Metal LINK
Forggoten Rite - Soldiers Of The Raw Metal LINK
Formel1 - Heavy Metal LINK
Fornication - Grave Shaking Hell Metal LINK
Fornication - Fist Fucking Black Metal LINK
Forteresse- Metal Noir Quebecois LINK
Fortress - Metal Meltdown LINK
Fratello Metallo - Volete Metallo LINK
Fratello Metallo - Amorica Metallo LINK
FreaKings - Thrash Metal LINK
Freedom Call - Metal Invasion LINK
Freedom Call - Metal Is For Everyone. LINK
Frigid Bich - Metal On Denim On Leather LINK
Front - Heavy Metal Link
Frost Rot - Death To False Metal LINK
Fueled By Fire - The Metallion LINK
Full Strike - Metal Mind LINK
Future Tense - Battle Of Metal  LINK

Gae Bolga-Violent Metalstorm LINK
Galactika - Metall LINK
Galahad - Guererro Del Metal LINK
Galaktika Group - Я Метал  (I'm Metal) LINK
Gama Bomb - Metal Idiot LINK 
Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Universe LINK
Gamma Ray - To The Metal LINK
Gangrel - Metal Hunters LINK
Gangrena Gasosa- Sarava metal LINK
Gatekrashor - Speed Metal Hammer LINK
Gatekrashor - Heavy Metal Rangers LINK
Gauntlet - Hearts of Metal  LINK
Gehenna - Blood Metal LINK
Gehennah - The Metal Police LINK
Gehennah - Because We're A Street Metal Band LINK
Gehennah - Life Metal Must Die LINK
Gehennah: Street Metal Gangfighters LINK
Genocide Kommando - Black Metal Supremacy  LINK
Genetic Temper - Pedal To The Metal LINK
Ghoul - Metallicus Ex Mortis LINK (Video)
Gigatron - Espiz Metal
Gli Atroci - Rivolta Metallara Totale - LINK
Gli Atroci - I Dieci Metallamenti LINK

Goat Horn - Right Heavy Metal (video) LINK

Goatmoon - Blackmetal Winter LINK
Goddess Of Desire -Metal Forever (video) LINK
Goddess of Desire - Scream For Metal True LINK
Godiva - Pedal To The Metal LINK
Godiva - Heavy Metal Thunder LINK
Godstomper - Heavy Metal Vomit Party LINK 
Gog - Angel De Metal LINK
Golden Resurrection - Heavenly Metal LINK
Golden Wolf - Metal With Power LINK
Golem - Metal Holocaust LINK
Gorg & Cie - Grui-Gruik Metal Fuckers LINK
Gorgon - Heavy Metal Superstar LINK
Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown 
Grave Digger - Metal Will Never Die LINK
Gravehill - Hell Metal Holocaust  LINK

Graveland - Black Metal War LINK
Grenade - Metal Of Death LINK
Grey Wolf - We Are Metalheads LINK
Griffin - Heavy Metal Attack LINK
Gromm - The Pest Of Black Metal LINK
Guerrero Inmortal - Heavy Metal LINK
Guillotine - Soul Of Heavy Metal LINK
Guilty As Charged - Metal Holocaust LINK
Guy Mann-Dude - Pedal To The Metal LINK
GWAR - Metal Metal Land LINK

H-Bomb - Coup De Metal LINK
Hades Archer - Penis Metal  LINK
Sammy Hagar - Heavy Metal LINK
Hail - Black Death Metal Warrior LINK
Haircuts That Kill - Heavy Metal LINK
Halford - Made of Metal
Halley - Cruces De Metal LINK

Halloween - Don't Metal With Evil LINK
Hallows Eve - Metal Merchants
Hammer - Speed Metal Hammer LINK
Hammercult - Metal Rules Tonight (Video) LINK
Hammerfall - The Metal Age
Hammerlord - Metallization. LINK
Hammerwitch - Live For Metal   LINK

Hanover Fist - Metal Of The Night LINK
Harbinger - Die For Metal, Live For Death LINK
Hardraw - Heavy Metal Union LINK
Hard Rock Sallinen - Heavy Metal Symphony LINK
Harum - Metal Boys LINK
Hatred - Whores and Metal LINK
HatriX - Metal Man LINK
Havoc - Metal Warning LINK
Hawaii - Bad Boys Of Metal LINK
Hazy Hamlet - Forging Metal LINK
HB The Jesus Metal- Explosion (video) LINK
Headhunter - Hail The Metal of Death LINK
Heavatar Opus - To The Metal LINK
Heaven's gate - Metal Hymn LINK
Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Heaven LINK
Heavy Load - Heavy Metal Angels LINK
Heavy Metal Army - Heavy Metal Army LINK
Heavy Metal Perse - Heavy Metal Perse LINK
Hedstone - Mind Over Metal LINK
Helix - Heavy Metal Love LINK
Helix - Heavy Metal Cowboys LINK
Hellbender - Metal Desire LINK
Hellcats - Heavy Metal  - LINK
Hellcharger - Metal Punk Warrior  LINK
Hellchild - Speed Metal Hell LINK
Hell Darkness - Elite Forces Of Metal LINK
Hell Darkness - Old Riffs Metal LINK
Helldrunk - Metal Night
Hellfire - Apocalyptic Metal Punks LINK
Hellenium - Heavy Metal Alliance LINK (Video)
Hellhound - Heavy Metal Patrol LINK
Hellhound - Metal Attack  LINK
Hellhound - Metal Psycho  (Video) LINK
Hellhound - Metal Warrior LINK (Video)
Hellhound - Let Metal Rule The World LINK
Hellhound  - Metal Inferno LINK
Hellhound - Metal Zone LINK
Hellhound - Mr. Heavy Metal (video) LINK
Hellion (Argentina)- Asesinos De Metal LINK
Hellish War - Defender Of Metal LINK
Hell’s Dagger - Metal Rebels LINK
Helloween - Heavy Metal is The Law LINK
Helloween - Are You Metal? LINK
Helloween - Heavy Metal Hamsters LINK
Helloween - Metal Invaders LINK
Hellpike - Lucha Por El Metal LINK
Hellpike - Thrash Metal Vulcano  LINK
Hellrazer - Made Of Metal  LINK
Hell Satan - Perras Alkohol Metal Y Satan - LINK
Hell Saviour - Keep Running For Metal LINK
Hell Spyke - Raw And Barbaric Black Metal LINK
Hellstorm - For Metal We Die LINK
Helvetets Port - Heavy Metal Night LINK
Herald - Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast LINK
Herald - Metaltron LINK
Hexecutor - Metal Witchcraft LINK
Hidden - Planets Of Metal LINK
Highway - Por el Metal LINK
Hittman - Metal Sport LINK 
Holier Than Thou? - Metal Wounds LINK
Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania LINK
Holy Dragons - Metal Vikings LINK
Holy Dragons - Heavy Metal Maniac LINK
Horna - Black Metal Sodomy LINK
Horrific - Metal Cemetary LINK
Horrifier - True Metal Never Rusts LINK
Hungry Wolf - Metal Bitch LINK
Huqueymsaw - Black Bastards Speed Metal   LINK
Hyborian Steel - Metal Barbarians LINK
Hysterica - Girls Made Of Heavy Metal LINK
Hysterica - Heavy Metal Man LINK
Hysterica - Metalwar LINK
Hysterica - Force of Metal  LINK

Icaro - Muerte Al Falso Metal LINK
Idiot Flesh - Heavy Metal Beer. LINK
Ignitor - Reinheitsgebot (Metal is The Law) LINK
Immaculate - Thrash Metal Avenger LINK
Immortadell- Grezz Metal LINK
Imortal Perséfone - Macabro Metal Negro LINK
Impaler - Metal Messiah
Impending Doom - Metal To The Metals
Imperial - Le Metal LINK
Impiety - Skullfucked - The Speed Metal Hell LINK
In Action - Heavy Metal LINK
In Defence - Black Metal Mania  LINK
Indestructible Noise Command - Full Metal Jacket LINK
Infernal Death - Satan's Metal LINK
Inferno - Metal Attack LINK
Inferno - Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell LINK
Inferno - Storming Metal LINK
Infernö - Metal Comando Attack LINK
Infrared - Metal To Metal LINK
Inner rage - Metal Overload LINK 
Inquisicion - Metal Legions (video) LINK
Inquisitor - Speed Metal Legions LINK
Insane - Metal Torment LINK
Insanity - Ominous Metal
Insanity Alert- Metal Punx Never Die LINK
Insidious Torment - Hey Hey Hey Heavy Metal (Video) LINK
Insidious Torment - Metal Balls (Video) LINK
Insulters - Still Means Danger  LINK
Insurrection - High Speed Metal LINK
In This Moment - Sex Metal Barbie LINK
Intoxicated - Slutanic Speed Metal LINK
Intöxicated - Metal Pornö Slut LINK
Intruder - Give Me Metal LINK
Invierno Nuclear -  Thrashing Metal Punk LINK
Ion Britton - Eat Metal LINK
Irate - NY Metal LINK
Iron Angel - Metal Storm
Iron Angel  - Heavy Metal Soldiers LINK
Iron Curtain - Pacto Con El Metal LINK
Iron Fire - Kill For Metal LINK
Iron Fire - Metal Victory LINK
Iron Fist - Metal Punk Mania LINK
Ironflame-Heavy Metal Warriors - LINK
IronForce - Metal Strike LINK
Iron Gang - Speed Metal Made In Hell LINK
Iron Grey - Metal Item LINK
Iron Kingdom - Legions Of Metal LINK
Iron Kobra - Heavy Metal Generation LINK
Iron Kobra - Metal Rebel LINK
Iron Saviour - Heavy Metal Never Dies LINK
Iron Saviour- HM Powered Man LINK
Iron Saviour - Metal Invaders LINK
Iron Skull -Heavy Metal 666 LINK
Iron Skull - Sabaphomet Metal Bastard LINK
Iron Slaught - High Grade Metal  
Iron Steel - Metal Force LINK
Ironsword - Burning Metal LINK
It's Alive - Metalopolis LINK
Ivana D’Arc - Symphony Metal Queen LINK
Ivory Tiger - Metal Mountain LINK

JackDevil - Insane Speed Metal  LINK
Jackdevil - Under The Metal Command LINK
Jack Hammer - Speed Metal Crusher
Jackie Wulf - Metal Wings LINK
Jack's Hammer - Metal Queen LINK
Jack The Ripper - Metal Man LINK
Jag Panzer - Metal Melts The Ice LINK
Jaguar - Scrap Metal LINK
Japanische Kampfospiele - Verrat Am Metal(video) LINK
Jason - Siente Al Metal LINK
Jenny L. & Zack Belica - Heavy Metal Fire LINK
Joe Stump - Speed Metal Messiah LINK
Joe Hasselvander - Metal Eyes LINK
Joe Thrasher - Canadian Metal LINK
Joe Thrasher - Metal Til You Puke ( video) LINK
Joe Thrasher - Metal Forces  LINK
John No Arms - This Guy Is A Black Metal Maniac (video) LINK
Johnny Touch - The Metal Embrace LINK
Judas Priest - Heavy Metal LINK
Judas Priest - Metal Messiah LINK
Judas Priest - Metal Gods LINK
Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown LINK
Judas Priest - Metalizer - LINK
Jumalation - March Of The Jumalation/Metalshock LINK
Junihitoe - Heavy Metal Lady (video) LINK
Justice Inc. Metal Law LINK

k241 - Como Un Dios Del Metal LINK
Kaine - Violent Metal LINK
Kalabanganz- Blood & Metal LINK
Kalevala - Folk Metal Baby LINK
Kalmah - Bitter Metallic Side LINK
Kamen Rider Girls - Heavy Metal Strikes Back - LINK
Kamikaze - Trilha Do Metal LINK
Kamikaze - A Fuego y Metal LINK
Kamikaze - De Metal LINK
 Kat -Metal and Hell LINK
Katarsis - Herederos De Metal LINK
Kavera - Força Metal LINK
Keel - Metal Generation LINK
Kelthuzzar - Prawdziwego Metalu Kult LINK
Kemilon - The Gates Of Heavy Metal LINK
Khafra - Caja De Metal LINK
Khafra - El Metal Ilego Para Quedarse LINK
Khaos - Jungla Metal LINK
Khymor - Metal Forces LINK
Kick Axe - Heavy Metal Shuffle LINK
Killen - Metal Meets Metal
Killer - Heavy Metal LINK
Killer Khan - Metal Death Star LINK
Killers (France) - Maitre Du Metal
Killing Axes - L'Enfant du Metal LINK
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band - Metallinen Satenkaari LINK
King - Metal Anthem (video -Link)
King Leoric - Gods of Heavy Metal LINK
King Leoric - Metal Poison LINK
Kissin’ Dynamite - Metal Nation
Kissin Dynamite - Addicted to Metal
Kjell Peders - Born To Metalize LINK
KK Street Bangers - Street Metal  LINK
Konsul - Metal Hammer LINK
Korgull The Exterminator - Metal Fist Destroyer LINK
Korzus - Guerreiros Do Metal LINK
Kradle - Heavy Metal Victory LINK
Krank - Hideous (Heavy Metal Havoc) LINK
Krápula - Heavy Metal LINK
Krematorium - Metal Massacre LINK
Kronos - Guerreros Del Metal LINK
Kronos (Russia) - Heavy Metal LINK
Kronus - Tudo Pelo Metal LINK
Krull - Metal Swords And Fire LINK
 Krusader - Holy Metal Sign LINK
Krusher - Heavy Metal Krusher LINK
Krypt- Death Satan Black Metal LINK
Kuni - Metal Sister LINK
KZ4! - Con El Metal En la Piel LINK

Lady Beast - Heavy Metal Destiny LINK
Lady Beast - Metal Rules  LINK
Landsemk - Angeles Del Metal LINK
Lawless - Heavy Metal Heaven LINK
Lawnmower Deth - Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns. LINK
Lazzer - Heavy Metal Beast LINK
Leather Synn -(Heavy Metal) A Nossa Bandeira LINK
Leather Synn - Committed To Metal LINK
Leather Warriors - Heavy Metal LINK
Leather Warriors - Hombre De Metal LINK
Lechery - Heavy Metal Invasion LINK (VIDEO)
Leichengott - Black Metal War Machine LINK
Leider - Heavy Metal - LINK
Legado de Judas - Hijos De Metal LINK
Legion of Sadism - Black Metal Kommando LINK
Leopard Machine - Speed Metal Hurricane LINK
Lèpoka - Folkoholic Metal LINK
Letania - Heavy Metal LINK
Lethal Dose - Made Of Metal LINK
Lethal Saint - Heavy Metal Knights LINK
Lich King - Black Metal Sucks LINK
Light Force - Metal Missionary LINK
Lightning - Heavy Metal Power LINK
Limelight - Metal Man LINK
Lions - Metal Heavy Lady LINK
Lions Share - Full Metal Jacket LINK
Lipstick Liontigers - Heavy Metal Rocks LINK
Living Death - Heavy Metal Hurricane LINK
Liza - Poderoso Metal LINK
Lizzy Borden - American Metal LINK
Lobotomy - Speed Metal Breakdown LINK
Lobotomy - Metal Religion LINK
Logam The Metal Souls LINK
Lone Rager - Metal Rapsody LINK
Lonewolf -Hellbent For Metal LINK
Lord - Hell's Fucking Metal LINK
Lordi - This Is Heavy Metal LINK
Lords Of The Trident - The Metal Sea  LINK
Lord Vader - Metal I Rdza LINK
Lord Weird Slough Feg- Heavy Metal Monk
Lost horizon - Sworn In The Metal Wind LINK
Lost Society - Braindead Metalhead LINK
Loudness - Metal Mad (video) LINK
Low Valley - You're Heavy Metal LINK
Manitu - The Black Metal Is The Law LINK
Mark Lowrey - Metal Legends LINK
Mark Lowrey - Heavy Metal Queen LINK
Lujuria -Corazon De Heavy Metal LINK
Luzbel - Attrapado En El Metal LINK
Luzbel Hijos Del Metal LINK
Luzifer - Heavy Metal Tinnitus  LINK

M-Pire of Evil - Metal Messiah LINK
Mackina - Hordas De Metal LINK
Mackina - Jinetes (Del Metal) LINK
MAD - Nuestra Senora Del Metal LINK
Madam X - Metal In My Veins
Maelstrom - Caged by Metal LINK

Magnesium - Metal Soldier LINK
Majesty - Heavy Metal Battlecry LINK
Majesty - Heavy Metal Desire LINK
Majesty - Metal On The Road LINK
Majesty - Metal Law 2006 LINK
Majesty - Son Of Metal  LINK
Majesty - Metal  To The Metalheads LINK
Majesty - Metal Union LINK
Majesty - War For Metal LINK
Malicious Death - Storm Of The Metal LINK
Malignant Tumour - We Are The Metal (video) LINK
Malignant Tumour - Metal Artillery LINK
Maltese Falcon - Metal Rush LINK
Manchild - Heavy Metal Madman LINK
Mandrake - Heavy Metal LINK
Mandragora - Steel Metal LINK
Maniac - Power Metal Addicts LINK
Maniac - High Speed Metal LINK
Manilla Road - Flaming Metal System
Manilla Road - Heavy Metal To The World LINK
Manilla Road - Metalstrom LINK
Maninnya Blade - Metal Pride LINK
Man In Pain - Gran Metal LINK
Man In Pain - Legiones Del Heavy Metal LINK
Man In Pain -  Todo Por El Metal LINK
Man In Pain - Macados Por el Metal LINK
Manowar - Kings of Metal
Manowar - Metal Daze LINK
Manowar - The Gods Made Heavy Metal
Manowar - Gloves Of Metal LINK
Manowar - Die For Metal
Mantak- Satan's Metal Holocaust  LINK
Manzer - The Metal Side
Manowar - Brothers of Metal LINK
Marauder - For Us The Metal Is Enough LINK
Marauder - Sense Of metal LINK
MARS - Metaldrone LINK
Masacre - Death Metal Forever LINK 
Mass - Pedal To The Metal LINK
Mass - Metal Man LINK
Mass - Metal Road LINK
Massacration - Metal Dental Destruction
Massacration - Let’s Ride To Metal Land LINK
Massacration - Metal Is The Law (video) LINK
Massacration - Metal Bucetation LINK
Massacration - Sufocator Of Metal LINK
Massacration - Cereal Metal LINK
Massendefekt - Heavy Metal Superstar LINK
Max Lynx - Metal Never Dies LINK
Maxx Warrior - High On Metal LINK
Maxxxwell Carlisle - The Power Of Metal Compels Me LINK
McCoy - Heavy Metal Cowboy LINK
Megahera - Metal Maniac Attack LINK
Merciless Disaster - Speed Metal Revenge LINK
Mercy -Heavy Metal Warriors LINK
Mesetiah - Blood Metal (Headbang 'Till You Bleed) LINK
Messiah - Heavenly Metal LINK
Messiah Prophet - Heavy Metal Thunder LINK
Messiah Prophet - Master Of The Metal LINK
Messiah's Kiss - Metal Til We Die LINK
Metal - Heavy Metal LINK
Metal Axxe - Heavy Metal Thunder  LINK
Metal Church - Metal Church LINK
Metal Duck - March Of The Metal Duck To The Ponds Of Hell LINK
Metalforce - Faster, Louder Metal Force LINK
Metalforce - Metal Crusaders LINK
Metal Genocide - Speed Metal Executioners LINK
Metalhead - Heavy Fucking Metal LINK
Metalholic - Lei Do Metal LINK
Metalium - Metalians LINK
Metal King Metal Essence LINK
Metal King - Metal Rules LINK
Metal King - Cybermetalheads LINK
Metal Lady - Motor Metal LINK
Metal Law - Metal Or Die LINK
Metal Law - Metal Law LINK
Metal Law - Heavy Metal is Forever LINK
Metallica - Metal Militia LINK
Metal Mareny - Heavy Metal LINK
Metalmorfosis - Ultra Metal LINK
Metalmorfosis - Somos De Metal LINK
Metalmorphose - Mina Drogha E O Metal LINK
Metal Priest - MP (Metal Priest) LINK
Metal Shop - Metal Shop LINK
Metal Steel - Heavy Metal Is Our Religion LINK
Metalucifer  - Heavy Metal Drill LINK
Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Is My Way
MetaLucifer - Heavy Metal Battleaxe LINK
Metalucifer -Metalucifer LINK
Metalucifer -Metalucifer Pt II LINK
Metalucifer -Heavy Metal Ironfists LINK
Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Warriors LINK
Metalucifer -Iron 'N' Steel 'N' Metal LINK
Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Ambition LINK
Metalucifer -Heavy Metal Demons
Metalucifer -Heavy Metal Highway Rider LINK
Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Mountain  LINK
MetalUSAfer - Heavy Metal Saviour LINK
MetalUSAfer - Heavy Metal Hammer LINK
Metal Warriors - Heavy Metal Storm LINK
Metal Warriors - Metal Race LINK
Metrakillator - Fucking Metal LINK
Metrakillator - Heavy Metal King LINK
Metraliator - Speed Metal Machine LINK
Midnight City - Metal Fever (instrumental)  LINK
Midnight Sun - Metal Gods LINK
Midnight Sun - Metal Machine  LINK
Mighty Thor - Hermanos Del Metal LINK
Millenium - Metal Army LINK
Millenium - Keep It Metal  LINK
Mindless Sinner - Heavy Metal Will Never Die
Minotauri - Doom Metal Alchemy LINK
Misguided Aggression - Metal Horn Bessy LINK
Mistwalker - True Newfoundland Black Metal LINK
Monday Knights - Thank You For the Metal LINk
MonsteR - Metalhead LINK
Moonblood - Warriors of Metal LINK
Morbid Axe - Metal God is Gay LINK
Morbid Jester - Metal Law LINK
Morbid Termination: Metal Child - LINK
Morbius - Twisted Metal  LINK
Mordhell - Shit, Blood And Metal Black LINK
Moridven - Lethal Speed Metal LINK
Morningstar - Metal Fever -LINK
Morningstar - Heavy Metal heretics LINK
Mortal Kombat - Post'O Sam Metalac  LINK
Mortician - Shout For Heavy Metal  LINK
Mortification - Metal Crusade LINK
Mortis Daemonium - Anti Black Metal LINK
Mosh Angel - High Speed Metal LINK
Muro - Corazon De Metal  LINK
Mustasch - Speed Metal LINK
Mutank - M.E.C.H Metal LINK
Mutation - Speed Metal Bikers LINK
Mystery - Metal Cities  -LINK
Mystery Blue - Metal Dream LINK
Mystica Girls - Metal Rose LINK
Myth - Metal Is The Way LINK
Myth - Metal Maniac LINK
Mythal - Heavy Metal Hymn LINK

Nadimac - Metal Je Rat LINK
Naglfar - Fat Old Heavy Metal Mama LINK
Nanowar - Metal (la-la-la-la) (VIDEO) LINK
Nanowar - True Metal Of The World LINK
Napalm - The Metal Is Strong LINK
Nargaroth - Possessed By Black Fucking Metal LINK
Nasty Disaster - Metal Famine (video) LINK
Nasty Disaster - We Live For Heavy Metal LINK
Nasty Disaster - Play Some Fucking Metal LINK
Nasty Savage - Metal Knights LINK
Neckbreaker - In The Name Of Metal LINK
Necrolisis - Devastdor Metal LINK
Necromessiah - Christ-Crushing Black Metal LINK
Necromorten - Thrash Metal LINK
Negator - Panzer Metal LINK
Nekromantheon - Metal Vendetta LINK
Nemesis - Forever In Metal (video) LINK
Nepal - La Senal Del Metal LINK
Nevaloth - Blasphemous Metal LINK
Neverchrist - AntiNazi Black Metal  LINK
Nightchains - Metal Storm  LINK
Night Crime - Metal Pollution LINK
Night Demon - Heavy Metal Heat LINK
Nighttime Flyer- Heavy Metal Rules LINK
Nightmare - Heavy Metal Outbreak LINK
Nightqueeen - For Queen and Metal LINK
Nightside - Demon Metal
Nightwolf - Heavy Metal Slut LINK
Nihilist - Metal And Mayhem LINK
Nik Ko. Heavy Metal (Video)  LINK
No Bros - Heavy Metal Party (Video)  LINK
Nocturnal Breed - Metal Storm Rebels LINK
Nocturnal Damnation - Satanic War Metal LINK
Nocturnal Depression - Suicidal Metal Anthems LINK
Nocturnal Depression - Fuck Off Parisian Black Metal Scene LINK
Nocturnal Rites - Shield of Golden Metal LINK
Nocturnal Witch - Metal Soldier LINK
Noise Hunter - Metal Lover LINK
Noisehunter - Federal Republic Of Metal LINK
No Mercy - Ultra Metal
Nordheim - Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit LINK
No Redeeming Social Value-- Heavy Metal(video) LINK
Nosferatu - Metal Genocide LINK
Not Fragile - Made Of Metal LINK
Nuclear Decimation - Sex, Metal & Beer LINK
Nuclear Frost - Dark Bomb Metal Punk Squad LINK
Nuit Noire - Faerie Metal LINK
NZZN - Heavy Metal LINK

Obscurity - Battle Metal LINK
Obsessor - Satanik Metal Overkill LINK
Obsessor - Speed Metal Slaughter LINK 
Obsessör - Metal Onslaught LINK
Obstruction - Metal Varos LINK
Obus - Dosis de Heavy Metal LINK
Oker - Heavy Metal LINK
Old - Black Thrashing Metal LINK
Old Blood - Possessed By Metal From Hell
OldBlood - Metal is Metal LINK
Oldblood - Heavy Metal Night LINK
Old Wainds - Unholy Nordic Metal LINK
Old Throne - O Black Metal Jamais Morrera LINK
O.M - Estano Del Diablo Metal LINK
Omega - Black Metal Rust LINK
Omega - Speed Metal Force LINK
Omega - Metal From Hell  LINK
Omission - Satanic Speed Thrash Metal LINK
Onslaught - Death Metal LINK
Open Fire - Metalowa Milosc LINK
Open Fire - Metal Top 20 LINK
Oratory - Metal Messenger LINK
Orgus - Guerreros Del Metal LINK
Orion's Sword - Crusade Of Heavy Metal LINK
Oro - Metal LINK
Ossian - Metal-Vihar LINK
Ossian Metal Nemzedek LINK
 Ossian -Metalkezeles LINK
Outbreak - Metal Reich LINK
Outbreak - Made In Metal LINK
Overdose - God Save The Metal LINK
Overdrive - Metal Attack LINK
Overdrive - Let The Metal Do The Talking LINK
Overkill - Heavy Metal Forces LINK
Overload - Metal Will Fight LINK
Overlord - Possessed By Metal LINK
Overstep - Heavy Metal LINK
Oz - Total Metal LINK

P.Mobil -Metalmania
Pain - Heavy Metal Warrior LINK
Painmuseum - American Metalhead
Paladine - The Metalizer LINK
Pandemonium - Heavy Metal Soldiers LINK

Pantera - Heavy Metal Rules
Pantera - Metal Magic
Pantera - Power Metal
Panzer - Suenos Metalicos LINK
Panzerchrist - Metal Tribes LINK
Paragon - Legions Of Metal LINK
Parcas - Junto Por El Metal LINK
Patriarca - Azote Metal LINK
Patriarca - Metal Hasta El Eternidad LINK
Patriarca - El Poder Del Metal LINK
Peace Killers - Green Metal LINK
Pegazus - Metal Messiah LINK
Pegazus - Old School Metal Days LINK
Pegasus - Metal Forever LINK
Pellek/Johansson - Nothing But Metal (Video) LINK
Pentagram (Tur)- Metal Not Dead LINK
Pero Defformero - Metal Sviracu LINK
Persecutor - El Grito Del Metalero LINK
Perversifier - Evil Thrashing Speed Metal LINK
Perversor - Metal Massacre LINK
Perversor - Forces of Metal LINK
Pest - Hail The Black Metal Wolves Of Belial
Phantom - Metal Heart LINK
Phantom - In Metal  LINK
Pharao - Soldiers Of Metal LINK
Pharao - Metal Baby LINK
Picture - Heavy Metal Ears  LINK
Pierce - Metal Head Dolls LINK
Piledriver - Metal Death Racer
Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
Pirillo - Metalova Diagnoza LINK
Pitch Black - Thrash Metal Elite LINK
P.O.G.O - Vision Metal LINK
Pokolgep (Hungary)- Metal Az Esz
Pokolgep - Totalis Metal LINK
Pokolgep -Metalbomba LINK
Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers (video) LINK
Brian Posehn - More Metal Than You (VIDEO) LINK
Possessed - Death Metal LINK
Possessor - Metal Meltdown LINK
Possessor _Make Them Eat Metal LINK
Post Mortem - Metal Force LINK
Powerdrops- Bursting Metal LINK
Power from Hell - The Metal Is Sick But Never Die
Power From Hell - Black Metal Gods LINK
Power From Hell - The True Metal LINK
Powerglove - Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man LINK
Power Metal - Rakyat Metal LINK
Power Metal - Power Metal LINK
Power Steel - Metal Force LINK
Predator - Metal Till Death (instrumental) LINK
Preeminent - Tits Of Metal LINK
Premonition - We Are Metal LINK
Presence - Metal Rage LINK
Primal Fear - Metal Is Forever LINK
Primal Fear - Living For Metal
Primal Fear - In Metal
Primal Fear - In Metal We Trust LINK
Primigenium - Pure Black Fucking Metal LINK
Primitive - Negro Metal Da Morte LINK
Prowler - Metal Fatigue LINK
Psychonaut - False Metal LINK
Psychoparadox - Metal Storm LINK
Psychostick - Jingle Bell Metal  LINK
Punky Bruster - Metalheads are Punk Rockers LINK
Punky Brewster - Metal Dilemma -LINK

Quiet Riot - Metal Health LINK
Quickfire Deus Sol Invictus- Metal Destruction  LINK
Quintessenz - Okkult Metal Spell LINK

Quintessenz - Black Metal Holocaust - LINK

R.U.S.T - Metal Child LINK
Radiation - Total Metal Onslaught LINK
Rage - Human Metal LINK
Raging Storm - Heavy Metal Faith LINK
Raging Storm - In Metal We Trust LINK
Railway - Heavy Metal Fever LINK
Ramses - Larga Vida Al Metal LINK
Rampart - Metal Spell LINK
Rapid Angel - The Gods of Heavy Metal LINK
Rapid Terror - Speed Metal Bastard LINK
Raven - Mind Over Metal LINK
Raven Lord - Metal Knights LINK
Raw - Rawmetal Thrashsquad LINK
Rawhead Rexx - Metal War LINK
Razor - Metal Avenger LINK
Razor - High speed metal LINK
Razor - Heavy Metal Attack LINK
Razor -Hot Metal LINK
Reapers - Metalness LINK
Reckless Love - Metal Ass LINK
Reckless Love - I love Heavy Metal LINK
Redkey - Metalhead LINK
Red Wine - Rosa De Metal LINK
Reincarnate - metal in disguise LINK
Resistencia - Juntos Por el Metal LINK
Resistencia - Guerrero De Piel Y Metal LINK
Restless - Metal Chains LINK
Revenge - Metal Warriors LINK
Revenge -Metal rules my life LINK
Revenge - Meal Massacra LINK
Revenge - Speed Metal To The Bone  LINK
Reviolence - The Metal Church LINK
Revolver - Disparando Heavy Metal
Rezet - Metal Rite LINK
Reznikoff - Heavy Metal Highway LINK
Riff - Ruedas De Metal LINK
Rigor Mortis - Metalstorm LINK 
Rigor Mortis - Metal Hardware  LINK
Riler - Thrash Metal LINK
Riot - Heavy Metal Machine LINK
Riot - Metal Soldiers LINK
Riotor - Metal Oath LINK
Riotor- Fucking Metal LINK
Rising - Metal Bird LINK
Rising Moon - Swedish Metal LINK
Ritual Carnage - Metal forces LINK
Ritual Steel - Metalbeasts LINK
Roar - Metal Or Death LINK
Rob Rock - Metal Breed - LINK
Rocka rollas - Metal the posers to death LINK
Rocka Rollas - Heavy Metal Kings LINK
Rocka Rollas - Warriors of Steel And Metal LINK
Rocka Rollas - Metal Of Steel LINK
Rocka Rollas - Riding the Metal Storm LINK
Rocka Rollas - Heavy Metal Strikes Back LINK
Rocka Rollas - Metalive  LINK
Rockaway Drive - Burning Metal LINK
Rock Goddess - Heavy Metal Rock And Roll LINK
Rock Goddess - We're All Metal LINK
Rommel - Black To The Metal
Rotor - Metal Az Isten LINK

Rötten - Maniac Metal Megatons LINK
Running Wild - Metal Till Death
R.U.S.T - Forged in The Fire Of Metal LINK
Ruthless -Metal Without Mercy LINK

S.M.F - Heavy Metal LINK Sabatan -Metal Comes Back  LINK
Sabaton - Metal Machine LINK
Sabaton - Metalizer LINK
Sabaton - Metal Ripper LINK 
Sabbat - Black Metal Volcano LINK
sabbat - Black Meal Scythe  LINK
Sabbrabells - Metal Saber LINK
Saber Tiger  - Metal Rider LINK
Sacred Steel - Heavy Metal To The End LINK
Sacred Steel - Metal Is War LINK
Sacred Steel - Wargods of Metal LINK
Sacred Steel - Metal Reigns Supreme  LINK
Sacred Steel - Crusaders Of The Metal Blade LINK
Sacred Steel - Heavy Metal Sacrifice LINK
Salamandra - Metal Fever LINK
Samain - The Metal Breaks My Senses LINK
Sanctuar - Heavy Metal LINK
Sanguinaria - Metal Attack LINK
Saratoga - Heavy Metal (con letra) LINK
Saratoga - United Metal LINK
Sarcofago - Sex Drinks And Metal LINK
Sarcoma - Nuclear Metal LINK
Sargeist - Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath LINK
Sarvari - Black Metal Sorcery LINK
Satanas - Speed Metal Invasion LINK
Satanika - Metal Madness LINK
Satan’s Host - Metal From Hell LINK
Satans Jokers - Les Fils Du Metal LINK
Satans Jokers - Sons Of Metal LINK
Savage Blade - The Way Of Metal LINK
Savatage - Metalhead LINK
Savino - Metal Messiah LINK
Saxon - Heavy Metal Thunder LINK
Saxon - Metalhead
Scarlet - She Tastes Like Metal LINK
Scepter - Fucking Metal Motherfuckers LINK
Scepter - Obsessed by Metal LINK
Scholastic Deth - We Think Metal Music Is Awesdome But...LINK
Schtack - Pirate Metal Schtack TV
Scratch - Metal Breaker LINK
Scream of silence - Metal Fever
Seax - Metalhead LINK
Seax - High On Metal Link

Seax - Heavy Metal Seax LINK
Seax- Forged By Metal LINK
Seljacka Buna - Hevi Metal Je To LINK
Selvageria - Metal Invasor LINK
Sepulchral Voices - Speed Metal Assault  LINK
Serpentine Fire - Metal Magic   LINK
Servant - Sludge Metal Destroyer LINK
Serpent Saints - All Things Metal LINK
Seventh Son - Metal To The Moon
Seven Witches - Metal Tyrant -LINK
Seven Witches - Metal Asylum LINK
Severe Warning - Death To False Metal LINK
Severed Head - Heavy Metal  LINK
Sevrance - Metalfire LINK
Sex Machinguns - Heavy Metal Thunder
Sex Machineguns vs. The 冠 -Metal Fire LINKSex Machineguns - Metal Monster   LINK
Shah - Metal Fight
Shawn Davidson - There Will Be Metal  LINK
Shellshock - Screaming For Metal  LINK

Shining Steel - Heavy Metal Shock LINK
Shock - Heavy Metal We Salute You LINK
Shoeilager - Metal (video) LINK
Show-Ya - Metallic Woman LINK
Shyshit - Cream Metal LINK
Siberia - Dosis De Metal  LINK
Sick Violence - Metal Bitch LINK
Sigismund - Black Metal LINK
Sign Of Evil - Venom Metal LINK
Sign of the Jackal - Heavy Metal Demons LINK
Silent Eye _ Heavy Metal LINK
Silent Knight - Power Metal Supreme LINK
Sinawe - Metalizer LINK
Sinners - MetalForce LINK
Six Beer - Demonios Del Metal LINK
Skarva Av Glas - Black Metal Bastards LINK
Skelator - Give Me Metal Or Give Me Death  LINK
Skelator - In Metal We Trust LINK (Instrumental)
Skew Siskin - Metal in Your Face LINK
Skull - Speed Metal LINK
Skull Fist - Heavier Than Metal LINK
Skullview - Metalkill The World  LINK
Slammer - Metal Anguish LINK
Slasher - Return Of The Metal Militia LINK
Slaughtered Priest - Speed Metal Attack LINK
Slauter Xstroyes - Metal's no Sin LINK
Slayer - Metal Storm/Face The Slayer LINK
Slayground - Metal Up Your Ass LINK
Smiercieslau - Viecznaje Gora, Black Metal dy Bol LINK
Sneak Attack - Ultrasonic Metal LINK
Sobibor -Furia Y Metal (Promo Video -Link)
Sodomizer - Metal From Hell  LINK
Sons of Vikings - Heavy Metal LINK
Sorcerer- Heavy Metal Rriders  LINK

Sorcerer's Spell - Jagermeister Metal  LINK
Soulfly - We Sold Our Souls To Metal (Video) LINK
Southeast Desert Metal - Desert Metal LINK
Sparto - Heavy Metal LINK
Spectrum - El Metal Es Mi Sangre LINK
Speedboozer - Metal Punk LINK
Speedbreaker - Metal Love LINK
Speedhammer - Evil! Speed Metal LINK
Speedica - Laws of Metal (video) LINK
Spell - Possessed By Heavy Metal LINK
Spellbound - Heavy Metal LINK
Sperantus - Sangre Metal
Srosjek - Total Gebnocide Metal LINK
SSORC- Black Metal Terroism  LINK
Stahl Metal - Metal de Acero  LINK
Stainless Steel - Molten Metal LINK
Stallion - Heavy Metal Realm LINK
Steel - Heavy Metal Machine LINK
Steel Angel - Spread Your Metal Wings LINK
Steel Angel - For The Metal LINK
Steel Assassin - Heavy Metal Soldiers From Hell LINK
Steel Attack - Heavy Metal God  LINK
Steele - Heavy Metal LINK
Steeler - Heavy Metal Century LINK
Steel Hammer - Heavy Metal Damnation LINK
Steel Maid - Metal War LINK
Steel Mammoth - Metal Infant  LINK
Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal LINK
Steelpreacher - I'm ****ing Metal LINK
Steelpreacher - We Want Metal LINK
Steelpreacher - Metal Hangover LINK
Steelpreacher - Hooked On Metal  LINK
Steel Raiser - Metal Maniac LINK
Steel Sentinel - Feel The Power Of Metal  LINK
Steel Sentinel - Heavy Metal Night LINK
Steel Warrior - Power Metal LINK
Steel Warriors - Metal Forces LINK
Stiff - Heavy Metal Mad Attack LINK
Stillwell - Street Metal  LINK
Stinger - Metal Madness LINK
Stonedirt - Under A Melt Metal Sun LINK
Stonehead - Heavy Metal Stone LINK
Stonehead - Heavy Metal In The Veins
Stonehenge - Heavy Metal Woman LINK
Stone Soldier - Invincible Metal LINK
Stos - Heavy Metal LINK
Stormhunter - Knights Of Metal LINK
Stormwarrior - Metal Legacy LINK
Stormwarrior - Heavy Metal Fire LINK
Stormwarrior - Metal Avenger  LINK
Strana Officina - Metal Brigade LINK
Strapping Young Lad - Cod Metal King  LINK
Stress - Coracao De Metal (Video)  LINK
Stress - Heavy Metal LINK
Strident - Power Metal From Space (Video)LINK
Strident - Metal Or Death LINK
Strikelight - Heavy Metal Strike LINK
Stron Cigris - Straight To Hell Of Metal (video) LINK
Stygian Shore - Heavy Metal Queen LINK
Stgian Shore - Stygian Metal LINK
Subcaos - Metal Punk Death Squad LINK 
Suicidal Ride - Metal Ho! (video) LINK
Supreme Lord - Death Metal Beast  LINK
Survival - Speed Metal Freaks LINK
Survival - Speed Metal Attack LINK
Suspiria Profundis - Holy Unblack Metal - LINK
Sweet Poison- Pedal To The Metal LINK
Sweet Poison - Metal Rocks LINK
Sweet Roxx - (You Can be Involved In A) Metal Massacre LINK
Switchblade - Metalista LINK
Syron Vanes - Sound Of Metal

Taipan - Metal Machine LINK

Tanathus - Alcoholic Thrash Black Metal LINK
Tangorodrim - Unholy Metal Way LINK
Taist of Iron - Metal Meets Metal
Tankard - Heavy Metal LINK
Tankard - Metal To Metal LINK
Tarchon Fist - Metal Detector LINK
TarthariA - Metal Salvation LINK
Tchort - Love Metal LINK
Teachers Pett - Metal Soldiers LINK 
Tempered Steel - Hooked On Heavy Metal LINK
Terasbetoni - Vaadimme Metalli LINK
Terasbetoni - Metallitotuus LINK
Terasbetoni - Metallisydan LINK

Terminal - Heavy Metal Lokomotiva LINK
Terrifier - Metal or Death LINK
Terror 2000 - Metal Mosh Massacre LINK
Terror Squad - Blood Fire Metal LINK
Terror Strike _ Executioner Thrash Metal LINK
The Anal Treat XXXPerience - Black Metal Boy-Toy LINK
The Axe - Old Brigade Of Metal LINK
The Channel Surfers - Heaven Metal LINK
The Chargers- Cold Metal LINK
The Crown - Death Metal Holocaust LINK
The Force - Neckbreaking Metal LINK
The Gate - Shout For Metal  - LINK
The Great Kat - Metal Messiah LINK
The Kill - Murder by Metal LINK
The Outer Limits - World Metal Domination (Video) LINK
The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall
The Rods - Let Them Eat Metal LINK
The Scream Clan - Heavy Metal LINK
The Sixth Incubator - We're Death Metal Power LINK
The Ugly - Black Metal Punks LINK
Thor - Metal Avenger LINK
Thrashera - Metal In My Mind LINK
Thrashera - Only For Heavy Metal LINK
Thrashfire - Chainsaw Metal LINK
Thunder - Heavy Metal LINK
Thunderbolt - Metal Tide LINK
Thunderfist - Screamin' Heavy Metal LINK
Thunder Lord - Heavy Metal Rage LOGGED
Thunder Rider - Heavy Metal Wizzard LINK
Thunder Steel - Heavy Metal Tonight LINK
Thunder Steel - Metal Time LINK
Thunderstone - Dirt Metal LINK
Thy Antichrist - Metal To The Bone LINK
Tiger Junkies - Metal Punk LINK
T.I.R - Metal in My Life LINK
Titan - Der Metalfan LINK
Titan - Metalfever (Instrumental) LINK
Titan - La Loi Du Metal LINK
Titan Steele - Metal LINK
Titanic - Metalový Svátek  LINK
TNT - Deadly Metal
T.N.T- Heavy Metal Noise LINK
Toad The Wet Sprocket - Metal For Money LINK
Toehider - But Mostly Metal LINK
Torment Of Abyss - Anti-Human Black Metal LINK
Total Eclipse - Guardians of Metal LINK
Total Fucking Destruction - Fear Of A Black Metal Planet  LINK
Touch Of Devil - Metal Power LINK
Toxic Avenger - Thrash Metal Addiction LINK
Toxic Death - Speed Metal Hell LINK
Toxic Holocaust - Metal Attack LINK
Traktor - Professors of metal LINK
Trance - Heavy Metal Queen LINK
Transmetal - Transmetal LINK
Trance(Mission) - Metal Men LINK
Triarchy - Metal Messiah LINK
Tribunal - Pop Métal LINK
Trueno Azul - Sabor A Metal LINK
TSA - Heavy Metal Swiat LINK
Turbo - Metal LINK
Turisas - Battle Metal LINK
Two Cities - Here In The Metal World LINK
Tyger Tank - Liquid Metal LINK
Tyrant - Metal Rules LINK
Tyrant - Warrior Of Metal LINK
Tyrantz Empire - Derelict Tyrant Metal LINK
Tyton - Metal And Silk LINK
Tzar - Heavy Metal Queen LINK

UDO - Metal Maniac Master Mind
U.D.O - Heavy Metal Heaven LINK
U.D.O - Metal Eater LINK
U.D.O - Metal Machine LINK (Video)
Ultimatum - Heart Of Metal LINK
Unearthly - Black Metal War Commando LINK
Unholy - Bestial Metal LINK
Unlastiath - Satanic Black Metal (video) LINK
Unleash The Archers - Test Your Metal (Video) LINK
Unleashed - Death Metal Victory LINK
Unleashed - Metalheads LINK
Untergang - Bubonik Black Metal
Untimely Demise - Full Speed Metal (Anime music video) LINK
Urgehal - Satanic Black Metal In Hell
Ursus - Fuerza Metal LINK
Usurper - Metal Lust (Video) LINK
Usurper - Kill For Metal  LINK

V8 - Tiempos Metalicos LINK
V8 - Hiena De Metal
Vae Victis - Black Fucking Thrash Metal LINK
Valhalla - Born By Metal LINK
Valhalla - Guardians Of Metal (video) LINK
Vampirella - Slice of Metal LINK
Vampyr - Breaking Metal LINK
Vanadium - Heavy Metal LINK
Van Canto - Kings of Metal(video) LINK
Van Canto - To Sing A Metal Song.  LINK
Vandal - Metal Town LINK
Vandenberg - Pedal To The Metal LINK
Vanguard - Heavy Metal Paradise
Vaughan - Holy Metal LINK
Vault - Metal of Death LINK
Vavel - Fight For Metal  LINK
Vega - Heavy Metal Religija LINK
Vendetta - Metal Law LINK
Venereal Baptism - A Freaky European Black Metal Madness Cliche LINK
 Venom - Black Metal LINK
Venom - Metal Punk LINK
Venom - Metal Black LINK
Venus - Metal
Verbal Abuse - Metal Melissa the Pissa LINK
Verdugo - Commandos Del Metal LINK
Vesper - Speed Metal Inferno LINK
Vesper - Metal Evocation LINK
Vetala - Satanic Morbid Metal LINK
Vhaldemar - Metal of the World LINK
Vhaldemar - Metal And Roll LINK
Vials Of Wrath - Heavy Metal Hero LINK
Vice human - Heavy Metal LINK
Vice Human - Metal Wars LINK
Vicious Aroma - Heavy Metal LINK
Viking Skull -Heavy Metal Thunder
Victimizer - Hell Made Metal LINK
Vikont - With Our Heavy Metal
Vikont - Heavy Metal With Us LINK
Villainizer - I Wanna Play Metal All Night LINK
Villainizer - God Of The Sea/Metal Tsunami  LINK
Violent Attack - Chaos & Metal LINK
Virgin Killer - No Muere El Metal LINK
Virgin Killer - Next to The Metal Gods LINK
Virgin Steele - Metal City  LINK
Vixit - El Poder De Metal LINK
Voltax - All The Metalheads LINK
Voltax- Metal Master  LINK
Volture - Heavy Metal Machine
Voodoo Child - Heavy Metal Song LINK
Vortex - Welcome to Metalland LINK
Vortex - Thrash Metal Holocaust LINK
Vow Wow - Beat Of Metal Motion LINK
Vuil - Metal Claw LINK
Vulcano -Death Metal LINK
VX - Metal Sin Parar LINK

Wallop - Metallic Alps LINK
Warbride - Slaves Of Metal LINK
Warcry - Trono Del Metal (Promo video- Link )
Warfare-Metal Anarchy LINK
Warfare - Collision/Rabid Metal LINK
Warfist - Speed Metal War LINK
Warheart - Born To Be Metal (instrumental) LINK
Warlock - Metal Racer
Warlock - Metal Tango LINK
Warlust - Speed Metal Tyrants LINK
Warning Sf - Metal Maniac LINK
Warrick - Metal Or Die LINK
War-Saw - Thrash Metal War Machine  LINK
War Thrashed - Metal Attack
Watcher In The Sky - Dean Of Metal LINK
White Night - Heavy Metal Angel LINK
White Pigs - Heavy Metal LINK
White Skull - Heavy Metal Axes LINK
Wifebeater- Whorehouse Metal LINK
Wild - Heavy Metal Es Mi Religion - LINK
Wild Dogs - Metal Fuel LINK
Wild Dogs - Metal Free America LINK
Wild Whips - Heavy Metal Gods
Winterstorm - Metalavial LINK
Witches Mark - Bringers Of Heavy Metal Death LINK
Witches Mark - Witching Metal Ritual LINK (Video)
Witch hammer - Heavy Metal Machineria LINK
Witchtrap - Metal Army March LINK
Witchtrap - B.L.M.D (Black Leather Metal Damnation) LINK
Witchtrap - Metal War LINK
Wittnezz - Heavy Metal
Wizard - Defenders of Metal LINK
Wizard -True Metal LINK
Wizard - Eterno Metal LINK
Wizzard - Iron Steel Metal
Wizzard - Black Heavy Metal  LINK
Wrathblade - In Metal We Trust LINK
Wrathchild (USA) - Metal Madness LINK
Wulfgar - Midgardian Metal LINK
Wurdalak - La Senda Del Metal LINK
Wytchkraft - Heavy Metal Satanico LINK
Wyvern -The Liquid And The Metal LINK
Wyzard - Knights of Metal LINK

 X-Piral - Metal Storm LINK
 Xeque Mate - Filhos Do Metal LINK
XES - Metal Tunes LINK
Xipe -Metal Lady LINK

Zarpa - En La Rueda Del Metal LINK
Zarpa - Esto Es Heavy Metal LINK
Zenithrash - The Samurai Metal
Zeno Morf - Metal Blast LINK
Zergoth - Thrash Metal LINK
Zerstorer - Metal Terror LINK
Zidiz - Satan Speed Metal LINK
 Zimmers Hole -  This is Metal LINK
Zimmers Hole - The Death Of The Resurrection Of The Death Of Metal LINK
Zix - Metal Strike LINK
Zwartketterij - Heavy Metal Raise Hell LINK


  1. It's as much entertainment just reading through the band names as it is listening to the bands.

    1. Totally agree old chap. All part of Metal's charm.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Replies
    1. And I listened to each and every single one.It took me a while.


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