Saturday, 25 February 2012

Been watching: Green Lantern - Emerald Knights.

 When a Green lantern on patrol is brutally attacked and killed, the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps realise that an ancient foe is about to break free into our universe once again.
 While the Guardians homeworld  is evacuated and the Corps monitor the sun, Hal Jordan - Green Lantern of Earth's sector - tells a nervous new recruit a few stories about the Corps.
The First Lantern - how the Corps was formed and how a lowly scribe became the first to truly understand the power of the rings.
Kilowog - A group of raw recruits are thrown into their first battle.
Laira - a warrior princess turned Lantern returns home to confront her father. 
Mogo doesn't socialise - a quirky tale of a warrior looking for a fabled unbeatable Lantern.   Unfortunately, he finds him.
Abin Sur - two comrades face a common foe and discuss destiny.
and lastly, the framing story; Emerald Knights. - The Corps faces an ancient evil reborn.

  Western Direct to Video animation has a dubious rep due to way too many low quality tv tie-ins and halfhearted sequels. DC seem determined to change that and may well be suceeding. I don't think I've seen a single one of their original animated movies that isn't well-crafted and highly entertaining.
  Now I've only a hazy working relationship with the Green Lantern franchise. I've never read any of the comics and I've yet to see the film. Even so, Emerald Knights does a pretty good job of introducing me to the Green Lantern Corps and some of its notable chaarcters.
 The animation is consistently good; the fight between Laira and her father deserves special mention as it's handled as well as any anime I've ever seen.The voice-acting is also up to the usual DC high standards.
 My personal favourite segment would be Laira's trip home, mainly because of the aforementioned fight but also because the story also manages, within the brief  running time, to flesh out the characters and their motivations.  
 While the individual stories are all entertaining in different ways, the only weak spot would be the framing story itself. After waiting so long for Big Bad Krona to show up, the resulting punchup is good but maybe over too quickly. I suspect that's me being overly picky, though.

Apparently there's an upcoming tv series. If it holds up to the quality of this DVD I shall probably be a big fan.

Thanks a bunch Youtube.

Well, my ongoing mission to post metal songs kinda came skidding to a halt when Youtube decided to delete my account for reasons which probably make sense to somebody.
Once I've rebuilt my archive and to-go list I may pick this back up.
In the meantime, Youtube are currently top of my list of people who can go screw themselves.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

No post today.

Stinking cold + splitting headache = not in the mood to blog. Sorry.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pieces Of Metal Minds

I was originally going to call this post "Play some heavy music white boy" until I realised what sort of internet traffic that might attract.
Anyway, you know the drill. Ten songs, all containing the word "Metal" performed by bands starting with "P"
Pantera - Heavy Metal Rules
Honour to: HereticMocculta

Pegazus - Metal Forever
Honour to: da44e

Phantom - Metal Heart
Honour to: metallioum3

Pharao - Soldiers Of Metal(1990)
 Honour to: heavymetaller1978

Pierce - Metal Head Dolls
Honour to: metallioum3

Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
Honour to: 2RAV4

The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall
Honour to: keto2036

Possessed - Death Metal (1985)
Honour to AB51492

Powersteel - Metal Force
Honour to: TairoSantos

Primal Fear - Living for Metal
Honour to: evilchuck420

And that takes us up to 300 songs. 
Only another 2000 odd to go. 
See y'all tomorrow.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Over The Hills And Far Away. To A Place Where The Heavy Metal Plays.

Yes, I realise that rhyme sucks. Sorry.
Today's collection of songs are all from the "O" part of the directory. 
As ever, a varied lot. Enjoy.  

Obscurity - Battle Metal
Honour to: 666Sitis666

Obstruction - Metal Varos 
Honour to: makarov1999

Obus - Dosis de Heavy Metal
Honour to: MrEguars

Oldblood - Possessed By Metal From Hell (2010)
Honour to: DeathThrasher69
Old Throne - O Black Metal jamais morrera
Honour to: CountOld 

Oratory - Metal Messenger (2000)
Honour to: PaganusLusitani

Ossian - Metal-vihar
Honour to: KisTamas28

Outbreak -Metal Reich (1985)
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes

Overload - Metal Will Fight (1983)
 Honour to: BlaXainT

Overstep - Heavy Metal (2001)
Honour to: AZERTY6701

Isn't amazing how many songs are titled just "Heavy metal"? 
I don't think there's another genre in the world that spends so much time celebrating itself.
By my reckoning, the next scheduled post - P - should have us hitting the 300 song mark.
See y'all tomorrow. 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Night of The Metal Monsters

Stands for - Nice. Nuns. Nasturtiums.
None of these things feature in today's post.
Although there might be a band out there called Nasturtium. Probably a German Power Metal band.
On to the music.
 Napalm - The Metal is Strong (1988)
Honour to: heavymetaller1978
Nasty Savage - Metal Knights
Honour to: Insane4lifez
Necromorten - Thrash Metal (2009)
Honour to: heltonfeijo
Negator - Panzer Metal (2010)
Nightime Flyer - Heavy Metal Rules (1979)
Honour to: knuthulhu
Nightmare - Heavy Metal Outbreak
Honour to: kladr7896
Nightside - Demon Metal
Honour to: Christcrusher1
Nihilist - Metal And Mayhem
Honour to: ckyfan343
Nosferatu - Metal Genocide
Honour to: cleberpadovan
NZZN - Heavy Metal (1982)
Honour to: cyrcka

Hopefully you found something new to enjoy in that lot. More of the same tomorrow. 

Bonus Post: Metal and Alcohol. A partnership for the ages.

Beer features heavily in Heavy Metal and thrash Metal in particular. 
Tankard built a 20 year career around singing about it.  
German, naturally. They take their beer seriously over there.
Just for the hell of it, here's some metal drinking songs.
Alkholizer - Alkoholik Metal
 Honour to: Dickbauch73

Blizzard - No Beer Until Metal
Honour to: mjiolnir88

Convixion - Drink Metal (2007)
Honour to: Thrashard94

Devastator - Smash metal drink beer (2009)
  Honour to: rocknrull

Idiot Flesh - Heavy Metal Beer (1990)
(An instrumental but...different. See for yourself)
Honour to: Mellovisions

Nordheim - beer, metal, trolls and vomit (2010)
Honour to: totimoshis

Sacrofago - Sex, Drinks and Metal (1989)

There seems to be a heavy metal song about damn near everything. Except being Teetotal.
That's all for now. Normal service is resumed tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Todays Mega Metal Posting

Today's post is a biggie. Mainly because there is a hell of a lot of metal bands out there starting with M. Seriously. I think it would take me a week just to get through the bands called "Metal...whatever"
When I had a look at Metal Archives list for "M" I may have  started whimpering.

Majesty - Metal Law 2006
Honour to: HerrCsoma

Manilla Road - Flaming Metal System (1983)
Honour to: TheThrashZone

Obviously this band were going to crop up here.
Manowar - Die For Metal
Honour to: MetalChannel666

Mass (Germany)- Metal Road (1981)
Honour to: aerogun18

Max Lynx - Metal Never Dies (1983)
Honour to: scorpiomax73

Mccoy -Heavy Metal Cowboy
Honour to: Dushead

Never mind that this one is Christian rock, it's still a tasty bit of Metal. 
Messiah Prophet - Heavy Metal Thunder (1986)
Honour to: metaloren

Metalforce - Faster, Louder Metalforce
(Yes, this is Majesty under a different name)
Honour to: JackDaniel15

Metalium - Metalians
Honour to: Futers666

Weird that I haven't done this one already.
Metallica - Metal Militia
Honour to:LastStef

Metal Priest -MP(Metal Priest) 1986
Honour to: aerogun18

Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Is My Way
Honour to: Christcrusher1

Metal Warriors - Heavy Metal Storm (demo track 1986)
Honour to: SlauterXstroyes

Metal Witch - Valley Of The Kings
Honour to: thrasher123

That's it to be getting on with.
Although I still haven't run out of Majesty, Manowar or Metalucifer songs with "Metal" in the title

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Been reading: The Stoneheart Trilogy

 When  an already miserable  trip to the Natural History Museum ends in humiliation, 12 year old George Chapman lashes out in a fury and breaks a small stone carving on the wall.
 Next thing he knows, George is running for his life after a carved pterodactyl hops down from the wall and tries to kill him.
 One moment of anger and George is now in a very strange London indeed, where statues walk and talk. Some will try and help him, some want to rip him apart and he has precisely 24 hours to make it right before things really  get awkward.  

 I'm going to make a confession. This is a series aimed at 10 year olds. And I thought it was bloody brilliant.
  I picked the first one up in a cheapo shop and it wasn't until I got halfway through and happened to look at the back cover that I realised I was not the intended target audience.
 The idea that manmade objects have a life of their own is not exactly new but any suggestion that this is some kind of jolly adventure is brutally stamped on inside the first few chapters.
 Like an awful lot of kids books these days, Stone Heart and sequels are dark bordering on Nightmare Fuel. Main villain The Walker is a knife-carrying, mass-murdering psychopath and he can command every twisted, grotesque gargoyle and creature in London. Made me look at modern art in a whole new way, I can tell you. 
 On the heroes side, George starts off as a sulky loser but quickly grows a pair and reluctant ally Edie Laemmel is...let's just say the girl is messed up and as you get more and more of her backstory you can understand why. Then there's The Gunner, The Officer, Boadicea and the other statues. Charlie Fletcher manages to do a great job of humanising them, explaining how stone and bronze set up to honour men and women can take on something of what they represent.
 The story is more complex than first appears, with old obligations and curses, history and bad memories woven into the narrative.
So: Interesting premise. Novel characters. Plenty of action. Thoughtful story and an ending that's hard-won but upliftiing.
 Well worth reading  and while I might have got some funny looks while I was searching Junior Fiction for the sequels, I regret nothing.

Metal - Spoofs, Pisstakes and other silliness.

Metal lends itself well to parody. Even people who love metal will cheerfully poke fun at some of the dafter aspects. Here's a few examples. (All containing the word "Metal" by the way.)
 All promos this time to maximise the silliness. 

 Blotto - Metal Head
(I can see Blue Oyster Cult actually doing this one)
Honour to: BLOTTOdotNET

Brian Posehn - Metal By Numbers
Honour to: RelapseRecords
Brian Posehn: More metal than you.
Honour to; RelapseRecords

Insidious Torment - Hey, hey, hey Heavy Metal
Honour to: lassewikman

Massacration - Metal is The Law
Honour to: Deckdisc
Nanowar - MEtal (La La La La)
(Fanvid, but what the hell)
Honour to: Xariabyron

Let Us Drink Beer, Eat Pork And Listen to Metal.

And now the page turneth to "L" and we behold these ten are Heavy Metal
And by bands that start with L

...starteth with L

Look, just listen to the bloody things.

Lazzer - Heavy Metal Beast (1988)
Honour to: NWOBHM87

Legion Of Sadism - Black Metal Kommando (2004)
Honour to: MrCorpsus

Lethal Dose - Made Of Metal
Honour to:metallioum3

Lethal Saint - Heavy Metal Knights (2010)
Honour to: B2R437

Limelight -Metal Man
Honour to: shitbanger54

Lion's Share - Full Metal Jacket
Honour to: FerDeArgentina

Living Death - Heavy Metal Hurricane
Honour to: meatlcrazykid

Liza - Poderoso Metal(2003)
Honour to: Eva508

Logam - The Metal Souls (2002)
Honour to: puakadoom

Lordi - This Is Heavy Metal (2010)
Honour to: 8DavCnuk

That's all folks. See you tomorrow.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Kings of Metal- (But not Manowar. They're under 'M'. Obviously.)

Today's entries are all to be found in the Tomes Of Metal under the letter "K"
I have no idea why but the Portuguese and Spanish languages really seem to suit Heavy Metal.
Polish works pretty well too.
 Kaine - Violent Metal
 Honour to: KaineOfficial 

Kamikaze - Trilha Do Metal(1986)
 Honour to: heavymetaller1978
Kat - Metal and Hell
Honour to: godsmackkx

Keel - Metal Generation
Honour to: 16BlackChaos

Killen - Metal Meets Metal 
(Link only - Sorry)
Honour to: dirtywizard1999

Kissin' Dynamite-Addicted To Metal
Honour to: Naillig2

Korzus - Guerreiros Do Metal (1985)

Krank - Hideous (Heavy Metal Havoc) (1986)
Honour to: sevenallmaiden

Krusader - Holy Metal Sign
Honour to saviorofthevoid

Kulto Diablo - Metal del Diablo
Honour to: Lycanthrocifer

That's it for now. Keep the Faith, brothers and sisters.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill, Got Drunk and Listened To Metal

It's amazing how few Metal bands there are that start with J. 
Obviously one particular band kinda make up for it.

Jack Hammer - Speed Metal Crusher
Honour to: SSmetalwarslut

Jag Panzer - Metal Melts The Ice (1983)
Honour to: TheThrashZone

Jaguar - Scrap Metal (1983)
Demo track so sound is rough, to say the least.
Honour to: rumblephist

Jason - Siente El Metal
Honour to: danielcross24

Joe Thrasher - Canadian Metal
Honour to: metaluke17

Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown
Honour to: TheMissingLink94

Justice Inc. - Metal Law (1993)
Honour to: dentaleye

The letter "K" next and hopefully there'll be better huntingthere.
See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I quite like Heavy Metal

I also like happy dogs, doner kebabs and not having to get up on a Saturday morning.
Since posting those is nigh-impossible, have some Metal  instead.
Todays letter is "I"
Impending Doom - Metal To The Metals
Honour to: DeliquiumLunae

Imperial - Le Metal(1999)
Honour to: metaluke17

Indestructible Noise command (I.N.C) (2011)
Honour to: AGNTthrasher

Inferno - Metal Attack
Honour to: DaRkPlAuGe09

Ion Britton - Eat MEtal (1987)
Honour to: CultopaidoGR 

Irate - NY Metal
Honour to: Deathrider23

Iron Angel -Metalstorm (1986)
Honour to: aerogun18

Iron Fire - Kill For Metal
Honour to: victorcanito

Note that Iron Maiden, one of the bands most associated with Metal never did a Meta Metal song. 

Iron Saviour _ Heavy Metal Never Dies
Honour to: cheeezy

Ivory Tiger - Metal Mountain (1986)
Honour to: metaloren

There's an awful lot of bands around called "Iron Something - or -other" by the way.
God only knows what I'm going to find when I hit "M"
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heavy Metal Is The Law

And here we are at H. How long can I keep up the alphabetical posts?
Lord knows. I may start experiencing some difficulty when I hit "Q" for instance.
Anyway, here's another batch of 10 songs for your entertainment.

H-Bomb: Coup De Metal (1983)
 Honour to: RenzoLinoAlvaro

Hail -Black Death Metal Warrior
Honour to: lykathea87
Bloody hell, that was a long song.

Halford - Made Of Metal
Honour to: iveliq70

Hammerfall- The Metal Age
Honour to: Metal1ap

Hardraw- Heavy Metal Union
Honour to: HardrawBand

Hellhound - Heavy Metal Patrol (2006)
Honour to: Kristoss666

Helloween - Are You Metal?
Honour to: rammstein0981

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania
Honour to: Crossbowman

Horrific - Metal Cemetary (2009)

Hysterica - Heavy Metal Man (2009)
Honour to: Boforssupport

  Yes I know it's Valentine's Day.  Based on our short acquaintance thus far, are you honestly surprised by my utterly failing to give any form of shit whatsoever?  
  Well that last song was sort of romantic, I suppose. 
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