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Lucha-Doll Mai
Futaba-Kun Change!
More Lucha Doll Mai


Strip Magazine
Darkie's Mob
Johnny Red- "Falcon's First Flight" and "Red Devil Rising"
Nina Petrova - The Angel Of Death
Axa- Blonde With A Broadsword
Grappling Gertie
Whoa Nellie!
Love And Rockets (The bits about wrestling.)
Starlord - Mind Wars
A Fistful Of Comics: Fearless Defenders, The Prophecy, Red Sonja Unchained and MLP
Fistful Of Comics-Uber, Jirni, Robyn Hood vs Red Riding Hood, MLP, Commando
Enemy Ace: War in Heaven
Amazon Gazonga
Fistful of Comics - Mercy Sparx, Red Sonja, Uber, Chronos Commandos, Fearless Defenders
The Further Adventures Of Grappling Gertie
The Further Adventures Of Grappling Gertie (Continued)
A Fistful Of Comics: Lady Rawhide, Shrugged2, Harley Quinn, Fearless Defenders, MLP
Valkyrie: Prisoner Of The Past.
Vampire Vixens Of The Wehrmacht
Marada The She-Wolf
A Fistful Of Comics - Red Sonja, Fearless Defenders, Legenderry, Uber, Sin Boldly, Clown Fatale, Lady Rawhide
A Fistful Of Comics - Red Sonja, Clown Fatale, The Royals - Masters Of War
Judge Anderson
A Fistful Of Graphic Novels - Airboy, Power Girl, Robyn Hood, Dejah Thoris
A Fistful Of Comics - Uber, Deadpool, Satellite Sam, Vampirella, Royals, B.A.R Maid, Robyn Hood
War Stories: Castles in The Sky 1&2
Grappling Gertie's Schooldays
A Fistful Of comics - Sally Of The Wasteland, Lady Zorro, Red Sonja, Harley Quinn
Welten Des Schreckens #4 (German Anthology)
These German comics look interesting.
Starblazer Comics 96, 194, 264, 267
Lady Spitfire
Warrior Women Of European Comics
Warrior Women Of European Comics II
A Fierce Young Lady From Mexican Comics


  1. My daughter is an Anime fiend! She loves Black Butler and Inuyashi (sp?) but checks out all the time. I will send her here to check out some of your likes too. :)

  2. My comic of choice in the late '70s/early '80s was called, I think, "Bullet" and featured a character called Fireball who looked a little like Magnum PI but was some sort of super spy.
    Can't remember what else was in it, but I do know it was very cool.

    1. I think I read a few issues of that but I was always more into "Battle".and "Victor"

      The other stories were "Three Men in a Jeep" (WW2 heroics in a 4x4), "Frontline Uk" (Britian gets invaded and the crew of a Scorpion light tank fight back) and "The Smasher" (Giant ass robot on the rampage) - Any of those ring a bell?

      I was


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