Saturday, 31 October 2015

Cheapo DVD Review: Brothers In Arms (2005)

The second of 12 DVD reviews I'm doing, as I work through the pile of DVDs I picked up on Friday.  

  Outlaw brothers Linc and Zane Malone put the gang back together for one final bank job: stealing a cool half-million dollars in railroad payroll. As added incentive, the bank at Driscollville is owned by man who had the Malone family farm burned and their kin murdered.
 Gathering their team - a beautiful bandit in the least convincing 1880s outfit ever, a lethal ex-preacher who gave up on 9 of the 10 Commandments, a suave gambler in a nice hat,  and a couple of other guys who don't matter because they're obvious cannon-fodder - the Malones quickly discover that this is one job that not everybody comes back from.

 I don't know why I bought this DVD.   As soon as I got it home I remembered that MoviesForMen show "Brothers in Arms" at least twice a week. For free. 

Whatever. I bought it anyway. I watched it . Here's what I thought. 

 In most respects, Brothers In Arms is a standard modern B-Movie Western. Evil town boss, bad guys trying to get out of the racket, bullets that do more damage to minor characters, a bit of bonding around the campfire.. all the usual stuff really. 
 The most obvious way "Brothers..." differs from the pack is that the good guys aren't your regular WASPs.   Having African Americans as the lead in a western has been done before but it is still unusual, hence the slightly  laboured title and some anachronistic hip-hop on the soundtrack. There's also some flashy,MTV style editing early on which adds nothing. 

  David Carradine was clearly having fun as the sneering, amoral Driscoll but manages to keep it on the right side of panto, while the other cast members mostly do a decent job. There's a conscious effort to make the Malones and their crew into characters the audience can root for, or at least understand.   How well the film manages to achieve this is debatable.  YMMV.

  There's a decent allowance of western gunfight action. Nothing especially cool but it's done competently, except for the climax which is a bit silly.  And interestingly the closest we get to a romantic subplot is very, very minor indeed and could be construed as a bit tacked-on. It makes the character involved a bit more human so I can forgive that.

 On the whole, "Brothers In Arms" is a decent stab at a B-movie with an unusual angle. I found myself getting into it more as the film went on, only to be let down by a finish that was overcooked and overseasoned. 

How much did I pay for it?  £1.50
Was it worth it? Yes. I  thought "Brothers In Arms" was sufficiently watchable to pass my time. You may disagree. 
 Next time it;'s on MoviesForMen, give it a try and see what you think. By my reckoning, it should be on again in a day or so.  

Cheapo DVD Review: Haywire (2011)

  On paydays I like to treat myself to certain things. One of them is a takeaway for my tea. The other is a fistful of DVDs from CEX.
 Personally I'd rather get 10 DVDs for a tenner than 1 DVD for a tenner.  It means I get 10 nights of entertainment rather than one, although whether I get an evening of good entertainment is another question entirely.

 This month I picked up 12 DVDs for £13 and I've decided that I will review each and every single one.

Hello Mr Rod. Meet Mr Own Back. You two will be seeing a lot of each other.

First up is...

 A backroads diner suddenly erupts into violence as the couple in the corner start trying to kill each other. One leaves the other in a groaning heap and makes her getaway by commandeering a car - and the driver too.
  As they drive away she starts telling her bewildered travelling companion a story. Her name is Mallory Kane, she's a Private Contractor that does certain things for the US Government and it all started with a job in Barcelona...

 If you look at the DVD cover you will recognise some quite big names. With the exception of Ewan Mcgregor and whatever accent he was trying to do, most aren't in for for that long. Meanwhile actual star Gina Carano appears to have been added to the cover as an afterthought.

  I will start by saying that Gina Carano does make a convincing action heroine and she's not bad in the bits requiring actual acting either. Maybe a bit "one-note" which makes it hard to warm up to her, but most action stars seem to suffer from that to some degree.

 I struggled to "warm up to" this film in general. Part of that is the structure - for the first chunk, the tale bounces between past and present as Mallory explains it all. For me, that made it a bit hard to keep track of events and I definitely struggled to follow why our heroine was doing certain things at certain times.
  Maybe the director was expecting his viewers to be smart enough to keep up, in which case he definitely gave me more credit than I deserve.

When it comes right down to it "Haywire" turned into the sort of movie where I wasn't exactly bored but wasn't exactly feeling it either.  There's nothing I can point my finger at and say "I didn't like that." but nothing where I can say " I liked this."

 The acting is the quality you'd expect from that cast , the fights and chases aren't bad, the story is making a decent stab at it. In the end the result result can only be described as "OK but..."

 How much did I pay for this: £1
Was it worth it? Maybe. It kept me occupied for long enough to eat my pizza but I can't exactly deliver a glowing recommendation. It's an OK thriller but there's plenty of films about that are  "OK"

 If you want to see Gina Carano in a thriller, get In The Blood instead. It doesn't have the name power but I enjoyed that film a lot more.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

These German comics look interesting.

After my last foray into the world of German comics,(SEE HERE)  I've continued to poke about the deeper corners of the web and in the process, I found some things that tick the box "The kind of thing I might like."

  Maybe I ought to learn German after all.  

  Ariane - Der Siebte Pforte (1987)

    It's got a woman with a sword on the cover. Of course I want to read it.

  Kran (2000)

The obvious question: Is this Conan-inspired title played straight or for laughs. 

Laura - Im Land Det Chatten (1999)

Blonde. Sword. You know the drill. 
That's also a format I've never seen before.
Is that common in Germany?

Joe Darling (2001)

Joe is presumably the bloke standing in the background. 

Lemuria (2014)

That's a gorgeous cover.
And that's a weird hat she's got..

Der Vorleser Der Vam-Pyra (?)

Something abour reading vampires? 
I am intrigued. 

Der Letzte Flug (2007)

Since I'm a massive WW2 fighter fanboy this is the one I'd most want to see translated to English. 
I'm interested in seeing how a German writer handles WW2 air war stories. 

If you're interested, I found a lot of these on this forum.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wall Art In Southsea: The Big Owl

On a Southsea street corner, where Victoria Road South and Richmond Road meet, an enormous owl stands guard and watches the cars go by.

 And when I say "enormous" I'm not kidding. This mural is taller than I am. Look at the car for reference.

It's also really well done. The eyes are especially good.   

 So at this point you're asking one of two questions. 
Why is there an owl on this wall...and why is it brandishing a spanner?

Shifting angle slightly and all is revealed. 

Consider my attention well and truly  grabbed. 

If you've seen some of my previous posts then you'll know I'm a sucker for this kind of thing. 
Unexpected art that isn't locked away in a gallery but out in the streets for everybody to see.  

If you're the artist who painted this then I'd love to hear from you. 

That's all folks. 

Friday, 23 October 2015

Heavy Metal Cover Girls - A Couple Of Beauties (pt 2)

Heavy Metal cover Girls is a semi-regular feature where I put up album covers that feature gorgeous women, loosely united by a theme of some sort.  Speaking of "Loosely" I'm using "Heavy Metal" in a very broad sense to include Heavy Rock, AOR, Sleaze Rock and just plain Rock. I feel no guilt about this.

 Today's post is the continuation of the theme from last time:  Not one cover girl but two. It seems weirdly fitting that I managed to get two posts out of it.

 Please check out the bands as well. You may like them.

Midnattsol - Nordlys (Germany 2008)

Album cover beautiful women
  There are blokes in this band as well but they were carefully shuffled off behind the trees. 

The band describe themselves as "Nordic Folk Metal"

The White Barons - Electric Revenge (USA 2015)

  I was proper pissed off when I found out this wasn't a real pinball machine. 
The redhead's smile captivates me...

The band are scuzzy, biker dive Punk Rock


 Coronatus - Cantus Lucidus (Germany 2014)

Woman on the left: "Where the frigging hell are we and where did all these roses come from.?
Woman on the right : "Shut up. We're supposed to be gazing into the middle distance. "
Woman on Left; "Um. I just saw one of the roses eat a bee. Can we move back a bit?"
Woman on right; "Still gazing. This is me gazing. See?"
Woman on left. "Roses are not supposed to hiss. Just saying."

This German outfit have a dual vocal attack so not surprisingly several other covers have a two-beauties theme. Quite keen on Latin too.

Coronatus - Lux Noctis (Germany 2007)

Beuatiful as they are, the girls are utterly crap at gardening.

Coronatus - Porta Obscura (Germany 2008)

Yeah, that's totally not going to end in my face being eaten by something eldritch.

 The band are, unsurprisingly, Gothic Metal.

My Darkest Days - Porn Star Dancing (Single) (Canada 2010) 

Just because they're on opposite side in the Eternal war between light and dark doesn't mean they can't be besties.

There's two versions of this video. If you want to go find the Uncensored version, be my guest.
 In the meantime, if you like Theory Of A Deadman, you might like this.

Slash (Feat. Miles Kennedy) - Apocalyptic Love (USA 2012)

Another good girl/bad girl cover. Although looking at it, the angel aint' that good.  

The video is a homage to Jessica Rabbit and From Dusk To Dawn. NSFW

Arkhanon - Entre El Bien Y El Mal (Colombia 2014)

I really wish I hadn't spent my Spanish classes drawing Sea Monsters.
Something about "The good and the bad"?
 But then again, you can work that out just from the picture, can't you? 

Arkhanon are Power Metal with bombastic flourishes.

Time to kiss this post goodnight.

Kypteria - My Fatal Kiss (Germany/Korea 2009)

Oh my. 

That's all folks.

If you have a theme you want me to do next, let me know and I'll have a go. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Heavy Metal Cover Girls...A Couple Of Beauties (pt 1).

 What's better than a gorgeous woman on an album cover?
Two gorgeous women on an album cover!

 It also means that you don't need to worry about whether you're going to use a Good girl or a Bad Girl on your album. This way you can have both. Everybody wins. 

Please be aware that some of these are Heavy Metal only under the loosest possible definition.   

  Lazy Bonez - Alive (Finland 2015)

Metal album cover sexy women
 The melodic Finns deliver an album cover that works no matter which way up you hold it. 
(Except for the words but nobody is looking at those anyway). 
The first of many Good/Bad Wicked Gal covers we shall be looking at today. 

Based on this small sample, the band are old-school Scandi Melodic Rock

Band homepage at:

Inquisicion - Opus Dei (Chile 2010)

Heavy Metal nuns
Two Very Good Girls gone very, very bad.

Now this band is very definitely Metal.

Sun King - Terpsichore (Italy 2015)

Rock album women Mustang

Terpsichore was the Olympian Muse of dancing but in recent years she's branched out to cover moshing, headbanging and dirty dancing.
Here she is on a road trip with her little sister  Fender, Muse of Rocking Out While Driving.

Easygoing bar-room rock

Lynx - Be Wild (Mexico 1985)

Sexy women metal album cover
Have they been fed lately?
Are you sure?
No, I'm not going anywhere near them while they're looking like that. 
Remember what they did to poor Bob? 
Throw them a couple of chops and a mascara pencil and maybe that'll get them to settle down. 

The band are the sort of Pop/Glam Metal that used to be all over 80s Teen Comedy Soundtracks.

Godyva - In Good And Evil (Italy 2006)

Heavy metal cover girls good and evil
Fire and Ice.
Light and Dark
Good and Bad
The best one night stand you'll ever have or true love.

Before you make your choice, grab an extinguisher and put that bloody fire out.

Female Fronted Gothic Metal (FFS ...Sirenia maybe?)

Stereoside - So Long (USA 2007)

Rock album cover two women
Real friends don't let friends go out with unsightly bulges in their back pockets.

 A band that might get quite annoyed at being classed as metal - more Post-Grunge

I'd better post some more Metal then, hey?

Seamount - Sacrifice (Germany 2010)

Has anybody sat down and worked out how many Boris Vallejo paintings ended up as album covers? 
This one proves that when it comes to love, skin colour is no obstacle. 
Neither is species or having snakes growing out of your bum. 

Doom Metal with maximum Grove 

Since I'm running out of time, space and energy I'll finish with this pair of beach beauties.

Various Artists - Beach Balls Soundtrack (1988)

By all accounts the movie is utter bollocks but I still have the sountdtrack nestling happily in my LP collection. There's some good tracks on it. 
There is. 

This little gem is on side 2 and among all the LA Glam, sticks out like a Pitbull in a petting zoo.

Here's the trailer if you're curious. 

That's all for now but expect Part 2 in a day or so

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I Build Spitfires - Part 2

 I like internet shopping. I like being able to flick through webpages rather than traipse from shop to shop in the hope that they have what I'm looking for.  Twenty minutes sat in comfy chair, with a packet of doughnuts to hand, compared to several hours outside, struggling with public transport, dodgy weather and aching feet.
 Score one for the 21st century and modern technology.

 But in one regard real-world shopping scores over web commerce. That's when you wander into a shop with money in your pocket and see what catches your eye.  Which leads me neatly into what I picked up the last time I stuck my nose into Waterlooville Models (Actually in Portsmouth. Don't ask.)


Saturday, 17 October 2015

Cheapo DVD Review: I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer (2008)

 " In a heady Australian summer, a young cricketer is hospitalised by his bullying team mates. Twenty years later he returns to wreak his bloody revenge. 

  Scotland yard hotshot Kim reynolds arrives in Sydney to assist NSW Detectives Gary Chance and Shane Scott in the hunt for the serial killer terrorising Sydney. The remaining team members are relocated to a safe house in Joadja Creek. Unfortunately it doesn't turn out to be that safe!

  One by one, in the remote Australian outback, the team members are dismissed by the moustachioed serial Killer with a razor harp cricket glove and an arsenal of sharpened stumps."

 Over the last couple of years I've seen a surprising amount of sports-themed horror flicks encompassing Roller Derby (Murderdrome ), Baseball (Deadball ) and Pro Wrestling (Wrestlers vs Zombies). There's even something called Attack Girls Swim Team, vs The Undead which I haven't seen yet - - but really want to.
 So a slasher flick based around the world's third most boring sport isn't too much of a stretch.

  I was expecting IKHMRYSLS to be a parody though. Look at the title. Look at the description again. And it's Autralian. Doesn't that all scream "Tongue in cheek" to you?

 As it turns out, goof title and left-field subject aside, this film is a low-budget slashflick played straight.
I think.

There's a couple of scenes where the makers might have been going for comedy but it's hard to tell.
 The bit where a terrified potential victim is carefully tiptoing around the room trying all the doors might have been played for laughs, or it might have been a genuine attempt to create tension. It fails on either account and just comes across as cringeworthy.
 I'm sure the finale was taking the piss but again, maybe it was supposed to be a dramatic showdown.
 Let me show you a still from the bit I'm talking about.

Frankly I'm stumped. 

If this is a comedy, parody or satire, shouldn't there be some actual funny bits in it?

  Assuming this is supposed to be serious and attempting to assess "I Know..." as such, you end up with a film that has one novel idea but resorts to a bunch of cliches for the rest of it. 

  Slasher films tend to run into two varieties: Films where you know who the killer is and films where you have to try and work it out. 
This film is firmly in category one, so there's no real drama involved in working out his identity. He just shows up, does something bloody and goes off again. 
 The methods of execution are, I suppose, novel and the scene with the nail-studded groin guard did make my eyes water but there's not much real shock value from his appearances. As soon as somebody strolls off on their own, you know the mad cricketer is going to show up in a minute or so. 

On the subject of which the group of targets in this movie are frankly utter morons. They know they are targets in imminent danger but the stupid buggers will insist on sloping off into the bush at the first chance they get.  Even better, the police detail cheerfully lets them get on with it.
 By my reckoning, one pillock nips off "to the loo" and about an hour later it still hasn't occurred to anybody to say "Here, do you think he got stuck or something?"
 These people are too stupid to live and way too obnoxious to like. 

  There are the odd moments of something better shining through. The aforementioned codpiece scene is memorable and the initial meeting between Kim Reynolds and local maverick Gary Chance had the potential for better things, as they despise each other on sight and the sparks fly. Sadly that never really goes anywhere. Shame. Might have made things more interesting.
  Sticking with positives: By and large the acting isn't bad and the kills are as bloody as you'd ever want.  It's not enough, though. 

  I really ought to mention the closest thing IKHMRYSLS  has to a "name" star. 

I'm convinced that the biggest part of the budget was spent on bringing in former Miss Nude Australia Arianna Starr to do a shower scene (standing in for actual star Stacey Edmonds)  and dear merciful Zeus, do they ever get their money's worth. Said scene goes on and on and on,  while camera explores Miss Starr's anatomy in lingering detail. It stops being titillating quite quickly.
 You get the longer, uncut, version on the DVD extras, just in case you didn't get enough of Arianna's crotch first time around. 

The film was a labour of love for Stacey Edmonds and Doug Turner who wrote, produced, directed, edited and acted in it, so I do feel sort of guilty that I can't be more positive. 

How much did this cost me:  75p
Was it worth it?  Debatable. There's some okay moments and the premise is genuinely unique but when it comes right down to it, whether the film works as a horror movie hinges on one thing.

Have you ever had nightmares where you were running through a darkened house and this man...

 .was always right behind you? 

 If you are a cricket lover, a fan of Aussie slashfics or an enormous fan of Arianna Starr's enormous...ahem...then you might like this, provided you can get it cheaply. Otherwise I wouldn't bother.

 Here's the trailer so you can make up your own mind.

That's all folks. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

This Uncle thing isn't so bad.

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

 I finished folding the newspaper with a final flourish and proudly displayed my handiwork ."And that's how you turn a newspaper into a Millwall Brick!" I  announced to the three people sitting opposite me. 
 There was a moment of silence. Our train rattled through Wolverhampton, a stern drizzle pattering against the windows, while the two blonde little girls on the other side of the table regarded me with the good-natured bemusement I had grown used to. Their dad, however, was giving me a different kind of look. The one that says "How are you related to me?"  
"D" he said, carefully. "Should you really be showing my daughters how to make a blunt instrument?"

 Up until relatively recently, I would have told you quite forcefully that I couldn't stand kids. "Too noisy, too smelly, you can't hold a decent conversation with them and their taste in popular music is usually appalling."  Something like that, anyway.

  Then something unexpected happened. My little brother became a Father and as a side-effect, I became an Uncle.
 I was, to put it mildly, unprepared for the role. I've never even had any pets of my own and the geraniums I kept trying to grow all died miserably. For somebody who spent his entire life dodging responsibility, this was quite a big thing to spring on me.

  You want to know something I've never told anybody? You want to know the most scared I've ever been in my entire life?

It wasn't the time I went in a cable car and discovered that while heights make me uneasy, being half a mile up in the air, suspended by a bit of string scares the everliving crap out of me.

 It wasn't the time I suddenly realised that the aging teddy-boy advancing my way wasn't just having a laugh but really was one wrong word away from glassing me.

It wasn't even the time I fell into a river three years before I learned how to swim and failed to drown only because some passing boy scouts had just been practicing their lifesaving.

When I think of being scared out of my wits, I picture my brother gently placing my baby niece into my arms for the very first time.
"What if I drop her" screamed my inner voice "What if she has fits? What if she starts crying...what if...what if...what if..?"

  By comparison the first time I was asked to keep an eye on the girls while mummy and daddy nipped round to Asda was a walk in the park. (Switch the tv on, make sure they keep away from anything with an edge or electrical components and pray desperately that they don't need their nappies changing on my watch. Job done.) and as time went by something weird happened.

 I started enjoying being around little Ivy and Rose (pseudonyms, obviously)

 (Now when I told their father that I was planning on doing this piece he specifically asked me not to publish any pictures of his little girls. I'm cool with that.  Once a picture is on the net, you lose all control of where it ends up and some alarming things can happen. Google "Scumbag Stacey" if you don't believe me.

So instead, I want you to close your eyes. Picture two little girls standing in front of you. One's 10ish, the other a little bit younger and they're both blonde, cute and beaming at you. That's them.)

  Being an uncle might be a lot of responsibility but it's also a lot of fun too. thanks to my little friends I have all sorts of happy moments to think back on when I'm having a bad day.

Rose as a toddler, marching happily across a field clutching her ball and burbling away to herself.

Ivy trying to reach the chocolates carefully stashed away on top of the bookcase. When jumping up and down didn't work, she strode briskly into the next room and re-emerged dragging a stool. 

Rose and Ivy happily planting flowers in their dad's back garden.

The three of us taking a strong-willed West Highland Terrier on a tour of Stafford's backstreets. 

The four of us sat in my front room, clutching enormous doner kebabs and watching cartoons.  

 This is the sort of thing that stops me turning into a grumpy old man.  It turns out that being around happy children is good for the nerves and the soul.

  It's later that same day . We had to sprint to catch the train home and now we're sprawled across the seats, footsore and utterly knackered. I pull out the big bag of comics I'd bought in Birmingham and moments later Rose, Ivy and I are engrossed in the pretty pictures. Their dad is looking bemused again but I don't care. We're sharing a moment.   

 When it comes right down to it, when I became an uncle, I got a front-row ticket to the best show in town. I also got a gold-embossed card that says "You have a legitimate reason to stop being grown up. Have fun with it."

And I have.

Hey girls...Uncle D loves you.

That's all folks. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wrestling Scene October 1983

Time to share some more wrestling mag scans with you lovely people.

  I remember seeing this one in the shops when I was a kid but since my pocket money was nowhere near enough, I just ended up reading it in the shop time and again, until I got chucked out by the pissed-off shopkeeper.

The cover features a pissed off Andre The Giant battling Blackjack Mulligan. Inside we get a report on the Superheavyweight clash which leaves Andre in a bit of a mess.
1983 Wrestling Scene
 Hairpulling. Really?
wrestler bleeding 1983
 A dejected Andre sits in his dressing room after the match was stopped by the ref.

Remember up to this point, seeing wrestlers covered in blood was a bit of a shock to me. 
That just never happened on World of Sport. 

In other stories, 

Debbie Harry 1983
 Debbie Harry cuddles up to "Boogie-Woogie man" Jimmy Valiant in the days before his beard went crazy.

More cool beard action from the inside front cover.
Was Hayes in the Freeebirds by this point? 
I'm guessing that Ray was a heel. 

The legendary Larry Zybyszko-Bruno Sammartino feud spills into the next generation and Larry has words for David Sammartino
Wrestling scene pictures 1983

 This is back before shaving your chest became mandatory.

The well-regarded tag team of Adrian Adonis and Jesse Ventura splits up. 
Jesse with hair but not quite so much muscle. 

Fritz Von Erich has his final match.

Von Erich wrestling

   That's an almost unrecognisable King Kong Bundy gettting a dose of boot. 
A shaved head makes all the difference. That, and a few kilos of pie.  

The next photo is particularly poignant in view of subsequent events.
Fritz and his sons. 
Within a decade or so David, Kerry, Mike and Chris would all be dead. 
Poor bastards.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown gets a chance to batter NWA champ Ric Flair 
But first, he gets some tunes on.

Can you guess which feature had me so fascinated back in 1983.
Hint; It also featured something else you didn't see on World of Sport.

Lady wrestlers. 

Mitchell v Martel
Penny Mitchell has Sherri Martel and Fabulous Moolah in trouble.
Of course in a minute it will occur to them to just drop her. 

There's a short tribute to the late Peter Maivia
(The Rock's grandfather and I think he's great-uncle or something to Roman Reigns too)

And finally, a name picked for greater things: Salvatore Bellomo

That didn't really work out, did it.
Weirdly enough. about 10 years later he appeared on a card in Stafford, England (my old hometown)
I was broke so, y'know, couldn't go. 
I'm still kicking myself about that.

That's all folks.  

Friday, 9 October 2015

The Metal Project: A Need For Speed..Metal!

One of the great things about Metal is that bands frequently let you know exactly what you are in for.

A song called "Metal Attack" is not going to be a ballad. A song called "Speed Metal Attack"...well, just see for yourselves.  Even so, within these constraints there's still room to put your own stamp on the sound.

Not surprisingly, we're going to start with one of many "Speed Metal Attack"s. Enjoy.

Disruptor - Speed Metal Attack (Chile 2011 - Demo)

A track which inexplicably gets louder halfway through. You have been warned, so if you wreck your ears, don't blame me. 

Honour to: dankiller90

Blood Atonement - Speed Metal Militia (Germany 2012 - Demo)

Honour to: Blood Atonement

Rapid Terror - Speed Metal Bastard (Sweden 2013)

(A song that starts fast and ends fast - but breaks it down in the middle, to great effect.)

Honour to: ToTheDeathRecords

Impiety - Skullfucked - The Speed Metal Hell (Singapore 1999)

(And you will be. This is harsh, intense, stuff and not for the faint-hearted.)

Honour to: ImpietyOfficial

Metraliator - Speed Metal Machine (Brazil 2009)

Another one that likes to mix up the tempos a bit. 

Honour to: Misanthropic Drummer

Asphyxer - Speed Metal Beasts (Mexico 2011 - Demo)

Starts gently then stamps on the "fast" pedal and off it goes.  A bit rough around the edges but this is a demo.

Honour to: Eibar Lassus

Intoxicated - Slutanic Speedmetal (Germany 2013)

Is Slutanic a word. I doubt it. 

Honour to: Nightrider Official

Maniac - High Speed Metal (Spain 2012)

A short, speedy blast of metal. 

Honour to: ManiacBlasphemousMetal

Band homepage here:

And finally...

Jackdevil - Insane Speed Metal (Brazil 2014)

(I quite like this one)

Honour to: Pedro Saraiva

If you liked the songs, remember to check out the channels and give them your support.

That's all folks.  
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