Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Heavy Metal Cover Girls...Up A Dark Alley

 In this series I post a load of metal/rock album covers that share a loose theme. One of the things I keep saying is that if an idea has been done once it will be done twice. Now that may be down to the artist going "Hey. I like this cover so how about I do my own version of it." but more often it's because the band & design team want to create a particular mood and there are certain tropes which work really well. There's a reason I've posted so many album covers about angels and warrior women, after all. 

  Sometimes, though, it is a case of two artists arriving at the same point entirely by coincidence.  You'll see what I mean in a minute. 

So the theme I'm going with tonight is "Cover Girl + Dark Alley" and right away I know what you're thinking.

Don't worry, I don't post that sort of cover.  Now let's take a trip into the back streets and see who we might find. 

One thing I do enjoy is bands that try and have some shared elemts across their album covers. Maiden have Eddie, Megadeth had Vic Rattlehead and US melodic rockers Bugzy have... actually we never do get her name.  probably not Bugzy though. That would be weird. 

 I love the fact that these three covers tell a little story.

 Bugzy - Plan B (USA 2017)

 Oh noes. no tickets left. Our devoted fanisn't going to let that stop her

 Bugzy - Centre of Attraction (USA - 2018)

Sadly the attempt to sneak in by the backdoor is busted.
Damn, that place has serious security.

Bugzy - She's the One (USA 2018)

 The band take pity on our gorgeous redhead, probably because she's a gorgeous redhead, and not only
 let her in but get Red to model for their next album cover. I love a happy ending. 

Nocny Kochanek - Hewi Metal (Poland 2015)

 We seem to have stryed into a couple having a cute moment. Not sure why they're having it in a filthy alley but whatever.
 Let's leave them alone and move on. 

Slam Alley - 21 Fire (USA 2009)

 Why are you wearing a bikini/ This isn't even a beach. The beach is miles away. Also, it's midnight.  Put some clothes on before you freeze to death. 


Rumble Syndicate - Face Down Bottoms Up

 Huh. Forensic scientists didn't look like this in my day. Shouldn't she be wearing gloves or something? 

Murder District -Дерись! EP (Russia 2016)

 Here's a tip for would-be muggers, gangsters and other degenerates...
if the girl you ambush starts smiling like this then back away slowly and possibly consider taking up a new line of work.  
 Go see if the Post Office is hiring. 
Or get you teeth kicked out. see if I care. 

(Actually, is it just me or does she look a bit like a young Cynthia Rothrock? )

Remember I was talking about "if an idea has been done once it will be done twice."
Here's a perfect illustration of that.  
We have a very specific set of elements and yet two completely different artists have hit on the same formula independently.  I think that's fascinating.
I'm going to take a guess at the reasoning and I think it goes like this:
"We're a thrash band so we need something violent on the cover and we also want a hot babe
But since violence against women is totally uncool, let's have her be the one killing people!"

Legal Tender - Lust In Demons EP (USA 2013)
Project Pain - Thrashed To Kill (NLD 2015)
So we have two different underdressed axe-murderers roaming the streets. 
Now I'm scared.
Can we go home please? 

Hope you enjoyed this post and why not go check out the bands?


Sunday, 7 February 2021

The Metal Project: Metal In My Head


The Metal Project

 I don't do New Years Resolutions but if I did, one of them would be to try and post more on this blog in 2021.   you will find what I've put up already. 

So here we are with another entry in The Metal Project which is my long-term attempt to gather as many Metal Songs About Metal in one place.  If you pop over to this page : SONGLIST  You'll find what I have already posted and since there's about 1600 of them that should keep you busy for a while. Or just check out the playlist on my Youtube channel:  METAL PROJECT PLAYLIST

 Anyway, on with the show.  Today I'm sharing a clutch of promo videos. As always, I hope you find something to like. 


Wizard - Metal In My Head (Germany 2021)

Credit to: Masacre Records


Raven - Metal City  (UK 2020)



Sylent Storm - Patriots Of Metal (USA 2018)


 Iron Saviour - Raise The Flag Of Metal (Germany 2020) 

Credit to: AFM RECORDS


Durbin - The Prince Of Metal  (USA 2020)



Please go check out and support the Channels listed above.


That's All Folks.


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